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spring product release

Spring Product Showcase Recap: Harmonized Experiences

We’ve all done it. Picked up our phone, hopped into an app and then received a text message from a friend or an email from our favorite brand and instantly switched context. This is how we interact with technology and brands today. As a result, marketers have to account for these interactions and ensure experiences are consistent and harmonized across platforms and channels.

According to Harvard Business Review, 73% of consumers use multiple channels in their buying journey. So it’s no surprise that in addition to marketing across channels, we need to take it one step further and make every engagement part of a harmonized multi-channel experience.

Today, we’re happy to introduce our first product showcase focused on Harmonized Experiences. There are over 14 new capabilities in this release to help you make the most of all your marketing efforts. Let’s walk through each of them.

New Journey Automation Experience with Iterable Studio

Status: Available Now

Orchestrating seamless customer journeys from activation to re-engagement is a challenge for every brand. Whether you’re designing promotional campaigns to nurture users or building cart abandonment campaigns, having the right data—and a unified platform—is the key to a harmonized experience. The all-new Iterable Studio combines a beautiful user experience with our world-class data infrastructure to make the most powerful customer engagement solution today, enabling you to design and build harmonized experiences faster than ever before.

With distributed marketing teams, collaboration and communication are more important than ever. As a part of the all-new Studio, we’ve added collaboration features like Notes so you can place a reminder for yourself or team members or even cheer on a colleague for an amazing interaction. In addition, with analytics visible within message tiles, you can make quick decisions and adjust as needed.

Plus, coming soon, Tilesets will make your journey building experience easier and faster than ever before. Tilesets enable marketers to re-use key parts of a journey, save them, and replicate them in other journeys within the project you build in Iterable.

Iterable Studio

Build harmonized experiences faster than ever before.

More Mobile Options with New Global SMS/MMS Partner, Telnyx

Status: Beta

There are over 6.56 billion people across the world that have a smartphone, according to Statista. Of those, 97% actively send SMS messages, making it a highly engaged channel built for personalized communications. But integrating SMS/MMS into your cross-channel strategy comes with core challenges such as high cost, complexity, and limited support.

Today we’re happy to announce our partnership with Telnyx, a carrier-direct SMS/MMS provider that reaches over 60 countries with unmatched scale, deliverability, and support. With this partnership, we’re offering customers more flexibility, ease-of-use, and competitive pricing for their SMS and MMS sends—globally.

The integration comes with built-in access to technical support and regulatory experts so you can easily navigate implementation and ongoing management. And, with Telnyx handling the sends in the background, you can build highly personalized SMS-specific campaigns with all of the dynamic functionality and data activation already baked into the broader Iterable platform.

Telnyx and Iterable

With this partnership, we’re offering customers more flexibility, ease-of-use, and competitive pricing for their SMS and MMS sends—globally.

Immersive Cross-Channel Experiences with Native Web In-App

Status: Private Beta

Every digital impression is a chance to bring joy to your customers and deepen your relationship with a harmonized experience. Today, this is true about your website and every channel you use to communicate with customers. Web In-App unifies your customers’ cross-channel journeys as they move between your emails, desktop or mobile websites, and apps. So whether you’re creating standalone web messages for new visitors or expanding your engagement with loyal users’ cross-channel journeys, Web In-App offers a new way to enhance your web browsing experience. And, with this native new channel, you can deeply tailor it to every user to continue their journey based on their preferences.

Building these experiences doesn’t require a different set of tools or unique creation experience—it’s all integrated into Studio to build fully harmonized cross-channel experiences.

Web In-App

This new channel unifies your customers’ cross-channel journeys as they move between your emails, desktop or mobile websites, and apps.

Get a 360-Degree View of Your Customers with an All-New User Profile

Status: Beta

Our user profile contains all the information a brand needs to understand each user. This new design simplifies and improves how brands access and utilize user data, and surfaces trends about each user directly within the contact record.

Key information (such as contact details, location, and more) and a summary of recent interactions are right at the top of the profile for ease of use.

Cross-Channel Content Creation Just Got Easier

Status: Available Now

Creating content within Iterable also received a fresh redesign, making it more intuitive and expressive. Editing, incorporating, and managing snippets is easier than ever, with an enhanced preview functionality that allows you to test your dynamic content with precision. And as you build more content, we’ve released a new feature that makes it easy for you to keep track of previously created Snippets. Where are My Snippets allows you to search for where a Snippet has been used within a template, campaign, or another Snippet.

We’ve also enhanced our drag-and-drop editor to feature an all-new mobile design mode and new design tiles. Creating beautiful emails is easier than ever before.

Tie Every Mobile Experience into a Harmonized Experience

Status: Available Now

According to Flurry, 96% of iOS users are choosing “do not track,” meaning they are opting out of having their browsing data collected or tracked. Iterable rolled out a slew of controls to equip marketers with the resources they need in the changing mobile landscape.

Today, we’ve enhanced mobile capabilities to use SMS click metrics as a part of your customer journey. Customers using mobile can seamlessly continue their journey and experience on any device or channel they interact with your brand on.

In addition, we’ve enhanced our Mobile Inbox SDK with a new React Native version and additional enhancements for the latest Android version as well. And, with the privacy landscape evolving with iOS15, we’ve enhanced your ability to send relevant messages that get to consumers at the right time. Include a relevance score and your content directly into the notification summary to ensure you attract users attention.

Setup & Send Messages Across Channels

Status: Coming Soon

In addition to innovating on Studio, we’ve enhanced and renamed our Sending Platforms page so you can connect and send messages across all your relevant channels. Connect SMS (Telnyx), email, and more directly via this screen and get harmonized experiences up running within a matter of minutes.

Measure Every Conversion Event

Status: Coming soon

The key to a great harmonized experience? Measurement and iteration. With new multiple conversion event tracking, you can easily track and measure multiple custom conversion events at once to get a deeper understanding of every campaign’s performance. See how your conversions look across channels, engagement, or any key performance metrics all at once.

New Deliverability Partner, Validity

Status: Available Now

Connected experiences require ensuring that your messages are reaching the right people, directly in their inbox. That’s where our new partner, Validity, comes in. Iterable and Validity Everest provide the deliverability tools to help you generate more revenue and increase the lifetime value of your database through seamless experiences. In an age when there’s more noise than ever, Iterable and Validity partnered to ensure your email reaches the right audience.

Creating Harmonized Experiences

These updates are designed to help you harmonize your customer experience and drive real business outcomes—revenue, subscriptions, activation, etc. We all know that a joyful customer will be a loyal customer and joy starts with creating a consistent, harmonized customer experience.

Hear the full details from our Spring Product Showcase webinar and, if you’re interested in seeing Iterable in action, schedule a demo today.

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