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Iterable Unveils New Logo That’s Just as Iterative as Its Name

Since my co-founder Andrew and I conceptualized the name of the company seven years ago, Iterable has always stood for iteration. We fundamentally believe that true growth marketing requires a mind toward continuous improvement, as well as technology that offers agility needed to experiment and move quickly.

Our original logo, which we bought for $300 via 99designs (who’s now a customer), was an accurate depiction of this belief in our startup days: three envelopes to represent messaging channels and a circular arrow to represent iteration and growth.

Iterable's old and new logos

Iterable’s logo through the ages

As Iterable’s initial vision became a reality thanks to our wonderful customers, employees, partners and investors, we realized that our brand needed an iterative leap to represent Iterable’s shift into a sustainable company that embodies our values of trust, growth mindset, humility and balance.

Animated Iterable logo

Our new logo is now just as iterative as our name. It dynamically changes across its applications, with nodes and connections that emulate the flexibility, potential, and creativity unlocked by the Iterable platform.

Each of the four nodes represents one of our four company values, with special consideration on the colors and positioning in our diamond-shaped lockup:

  • Green, which demonstrates how Balance is the foundation of our culture
  • Red, to depict how our team’s Growth Mindset pushes us forward
  • Blue, to represent the Trust we build with our customers
  • Purple, as a reminder that Humility is what makes us real leaders

The shapes that these nodes make will be ever-changing, but our values will always be present regardless of their form.

The marketing technology industry is approximately $121.5 billion—one of the largest markets in the tech world—but it’s overwhelmingly crowded with point solution offerings, making it overly complex for marketing practitioners and executives to make decisions and achieve their growth outcomes. Iterable has a mission to simplify our own experience and with this new brand, we are bringing clarity and focus to the market.

I’m proud of all the work our team has done to bring this brand to life, and I’m so excited for what’s next for us. To learn more about the art and science of our new logo, check out this design deep-dive.

And if you think our new logo is cool, then wait until you see the Iterable platform.

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