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Share the Love: Iterable Wants Your Guest Blog Submissions

At Iterable, we’re proud to advocate for the growth marketing community. Every day we’re learning from the best and brightest, whether it’s with the amazing members of Women of Email and Only Influencers, or with the knowledgeable #emailgeeks around the world.

We’ve featured recent articles from these marketing experts, explaining why it’s healthy to break up with your subscribers and why video email is today’s secret weapon. We want to continue connecting with people who can help us fulfill our mission of powering omni-channel relevance at scale.

If you’d like to share your subject matter expertise and address the challenges and questions of the modern marketer, then please review these guest blogging guidelines to understand how to contribute and what kind of content we’re looking for.

The Basics of Guest Blogging

Successful guest blog contributions provide an interesting, data-driven spin on growth marketing strategies and tactics.

All submissions must contain:

  • Original concepts and content. We believe in eliminating the noise around marketing, not contributing to it, so please do not submit topics published elsewhere or ones we’ve covered in-depth already.
  • High-quality writing with an assertive point of view. Take a stance—even a controversial one—on a subject you’re passionate about, and present your arguments with evidence and finesse.
  • An understanding of our target audience. While we educate anyone who is interested in becoming a better growth marketer, our ideal readers are marketers at enterprise and mid-sized B2C organizations.
  • A relatable voice. Ideally, you’re already actively involved in the marketing community, so there’s no need to address our audience in the third-person. Personal pronouns like I, we, you are encouraged to more closely relate to our readers.
  • Journalistic integrity. Please provide proper attribution of all quotes, industry statistics and other third-party sources. All submissions must remain vendor-agnostic and not link to content by competitive platforms.
  • Thoughtful, not spammy, link-building. We accept 1-2 links back to your company or service, but too much self-promotion is not considered a best practice and is grounds for rejection.

Topics We Cover

Interested in guest blogging, but not sure where to start?

Here are a handful of topics we cover:

  • Omni-channel marketing strategy
  • Channel-specific strategies and tactics
    • Email marketing (including topics related to deliverability)
    • Mobile marketing (campaigns using SMS, push and in-app notifications)
    • Direct mail marketing
    • Social media retargeting
  • Lifecycle marketing across the customer journey
    • Welcome series and onboarding campaigns
    • Nurture and drip campaigns
    • Re-engagement campaigns
    • Loyalty and retention messaging strategies
  • Retail and e-commerce marketing

And even though you don’t need to be an Iterable customer to submit a guest blog contribution, we’d also be delighted to receive more success stories using Iterable!

How to Submit a Guest Blog Post

Please email with the following information:

  • Your completed post as a Google Doc (preferred) or Word Doc. Recommended length can range between 800-1,500 words.
  • The author’s full name, title and company. Failure to disclose any potential conflicts of interest will result in immediate rejection.
  • A short author bio containing no more than 50 words.
  • A high-resolution author headshot (JPG or PNG).
  • Professional or personal Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile, if applicable.

Additional images are not required, as our team designs all blog post headers. That said, any instructive diagrams and graphics are appreciated. If referencing specific marketing messages, please include a high-resolution screenshot or GIF of each example.

Terms and Conditions

All submissions must uphold the high quality standards of the Iterable content marketing team. Iterable reserves the right to edit and adapt guest blog posts as we see fit, including the right to add calls-to-action to Iterable content.

Got additional questions about guest blogging? Contact us at

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