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Don't Miss Out on Activate Summit: Register for the free Virtual Conference on May 14-15.

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Mastering Iterable’s AI Suite

This past year has seen increased interest in AI across all industries. As marketers, there are several different ways you can integrate AI tools into your day-to-day tasks. While most of us experienced how AI marketing can go right and wrong depending on how it’s implemented, we aim to provide you with the right tools to provide joyful experiences for your customers.

When incorporating AI into your marketing efforts, you can unlock insights to help better understand your audience and their preferences, leading to an improved customer experience.

However, it can be hard to know where to start, and, depending on your organization, you will have different priorities and needs for your AI solutions. At Iterable, we focus on three main categories for AI: message optimization, generative content creation, and AI-driven audience insights. Let’s break down each of these capabilities.

If you are still in the process of starting your journey with AI or looking to take your current plans to the next level, review Your Checklist for Unlocking the Power of AI to identify your next steps.

AI Optimization

As marketers, we spend days, weeks, and months building great campaigns and we want them to deliver as much impact as possible. But, we’re always faced with the age-old question, “ How can we break through the noise and stand out to our audience?”

Leveraging Iterable AI solutions focused on message optimization makes it easier to cut through the noise and message them on the right channel, at the right time, and at the right cadence.

Send Time Optimization

Is your customer a person who likes to read their emails as soon as they wake up? Or do they prefer to review them at the end of the day? Knowing these preferences about your customers can help you send your message at the time they are most likely to engage.

Screenshot of Iterable platform STO showing a checkbox for optimization

Iterable’s STO has an easy checkbox to opt in to using the tool.

With Iterable’s Send Time Optimization (STO), AI determines the optimal time to send a message based on analysis of historical engagement data. To implement this optimization into your delivery, simply select the checkbox when configuring your message delivery settings. You can also layer in experimentation for STO so you can prove the effectiveness across your user base.

Channel Optimization

You’ve got a limited-time offer for customers and want them to go to your website to claim it as soon as possible. Where are they more likely to engage? Email? SMS? Knowing customer preferences for channels can help ensure that you are connecting with them on channels that matter most to them while also avoiding overwhelming them with similar messaging across all channels.

Screenshot of Iterable Studio interface showing the channel optimization tile

Iterable’s Channel Optimization tile allows AI to decide a user’s preferred messaging channel within a user journey.

With Iterable’s Channel Optimization, you can add a tile into your customer journey which uses AI to determine the preferred messaging channel across email, push, or SMS. This tool takes what used to be a complex configuration across multiple message types and reduces it down to a single tile selection.

Frequency Optimization

As marketers, we have to take into consideration the balance between under and over-messaging—and that number can vary depending on the person and their preferences.

Screenshot of Iterable's frequency management screen showing the ability to select frequency caps for message types.

With Frequency Optimization, AI determines the ideal frequency for each user, based on the range you provided.

With Iterable’s Frequency Optimization, marketers can set their preferred capping range per channel, and then AI determines the ideal quantity of marketing messages a user should receive in a given week or month across all of your channels, on an individual basis, while still maintaining the ability to override for high-priority messaging.

AI Content Generation

In recent months, it seems you can’t escape news of the latest innovations in generative AI. The technology is moving at a quick pace and we are still watching the various use cases unfold across industries.

At Iterable, we’ve made investments to include generative AI tools within our platform to allow for faster iteration of copy creation. We’re excited to see the potential applications expand in the future. Is there a potential Copy Assist x Experimentation feature for one-click variant copywriting in the works? Who knows. *Wink*

Copy Assist

Writer’s block is a real thing—just ask me how long it took me to write this blog post. With Iterable’s Copy Assist, we are giving marketers a creative “jump start” on their copywriting efforts.

Screenshot of Iterable's Copy Assist interface showing how it can populate copy in push notifications.

With Iterable’s Copy Assist you can easily generative creative copy for your cross-channel campaigns.

Copy Assist will appear within Campaign Creation & Templates Campaign Creation and, as you write in your prompts for copy like subject lines or SMS messages, you will receive alternative copy suggestions based on your initial prompt, allowing you to get creative and innovate quickly.

Next Best Action

Sometimes campaigns don’t perform as expected and who wouldn’t want a second chance to make it right?

Screenshot of Iterable's Next Best Action functionality showing recommendations for disengaged users.

With Next Best Action users can easily retarget less engaged audiences with pre-populated recommendations.

With Iterable’s Next Best Action, past campaigns are analyzed by AI within Campaign Analytics, and marketers are then provided with a slate of the next best actions to take. This could include sending to new AI-generated audience lists, content recommendations, insights, and more. From there, with one click you can generate a whole new campaign and get a second at-bat for this campaign.

AI-Powered Audience Insights and Predictions

We strive to get into the minds of our customers and often wish we could guess their next steps. With AI, we can predict what they’re likely to do, without the need for a crystal ball.

By analyzing first-party customer data, there’s so much to be learned about our customers. What products do they reorder? What shows do they binge-watch? We can leverage this information to provide more personalized recommendations that are relevant to them.

We’ve also incorporated Explainability into both Predictive Goals and Brand Affinity to allow you to grasp a better understanding of what exactly is driving these behaviors.

Predictive Goals

What actions do you want your customers to take? How can you reach the right people, with the right messaging to achieve your business goals?

Screenshot of Iterable's Predictive Analytics

Iterable’s Predictive Goals let you set custom goals. Then, AI helps determine how likely each customer is to complete these goals.

Iterable’s Predictive Goals puts marketers in the driver’s seat and allows you to create custom goals based on your business needs—from purchasing an item to downloading an app—and then share how likely each one of your users is to perform that action. From there, you can create segmented user lists to ensure the best audience is receiving messaging tied to that goal, providing a more personalized experience.

Brand Affinity

Do they like me? It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves. Wouldn’t it be great to know, as a brand, who your most loyal customers are so you can reward them with special offers? And how about customers who aren’t engaged anymore? Don’t you want to win them back before they churn?

Screenshot of Brand Affinity showing a loyal customer panel on the righthand side.

with Brand Affinity users can see how their customers feel about their brand based on levels of engagement and other metrics.

Iterable’s Brand Affinity gives marketers an inside peek into customers’ sentiment about their brand—from negative to loyal—Brand Affinity tells you where you currently stand with each customer. With knowledge comes power and the power of Brand Affinity allows you to make insight-driven decisions around what type of messaging will resonate with each group of users. From here you can make tweaks like changing CTAs or building unique segments of users based on these labels.

Iterable Puts the “Sweet!” in AI Suite

By bringing this suite of products together, you can incorporate AI into your marketing strategies in a way that’s user-friendly and uncomplicated. Iterable’s AI Suite was designed to create more personalized experiences for your customers while freeing up your time to work on the big-picture strategy.

If you want to learn even more about Mastering Iterable’s AI Suite, check out my presentation from Activate, which dives into even more use cases.

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