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Mobile Marketing: A Current and Future Outlook

Much like you reading this—most likely at least—I stay connected through my mobile device. It’s where I text friends and FaceTime with loved ones in far off lands like Chicago. It’s where I order food. It’s where I make credit card payments. It’s—for better or worse, mostly worse—where a lot of my attention goes. And it’s why mobile marketing is such a vital piece of the brand-consumer relationship in today’s world. 

To capture this connection between brand and consumer, our latest whitepaper, titled Mobile Marketing: A Current and Future Outlooktakes the consumer perspective. More specifically, it takes my perspective as an avid mobile user and experienced marketing professional, one who’s acutely aware of the purpose behind the messages I receive. 

In this whitepaper, you’ll find a host of stats showing you why mobile as a medium cannot be ignored and you’ll find a three-pronged approach to make the most of your mobile marketing now and in the future. When you connect in a way that even makes a jaded marketer like myself impressed, you know you’re doing something right. This whitepaper will show you how. 

Not convinced? Here’s a quick sneak peek. 

A Glimpse Into the State of Mobile Marketing

Find Your Fit

There’s a quote floating around the interwebs that I’ve seen attributed to a few people, but the sentiment is really what matters: If your presence doesn’t add value, your absence won’t make a difference. 

Brutal, but effective and extremely accurate when it comes to mobile marketing. 

Consumers are flying through apps at an incredible rate. If yours isn’t adding value, a consumer’s life won’t be impacted one way or the other when they delete the app. Whether you’ve built your app already or are in the process of development, you have to understand your role in the consumer’s life. 

This understanding, however, doesn’t come from looking at mobile activity and behaviors in a silo. You likely have a rich history of data from email analytics, desktop behavior, in-store insights, and more. The channels are seemingly endless, but the insights to glean from each matter in how you approach something like mobile marketing. 

When finding your fit, ask yourself these questions:

  • How personal is our relationship with our customers across channels?
  • What type of relationship do we want to have with our customers?
  • What type of relationship do our customers want, need, and expect from us?
  • And what will it take to deliver that relationship?

Like any relationship, it starts with looking introspectively to understand what value you can deliver to make sure that your presence makes a difference.

A Marketer’s Consumer Perspective

We often forget that consumers are receiving messages from countless other brands. No matter your industry you are not alone in sending your customers messages. An eery Halloween-esque tone of voice doesn’t come through with italics, but you get the point. Connection and relationship-building in the digital age is simultaneously easier and harder than any period we’ve seen before. Don’t undervalue the importance of making memorable experiences for your consumers. 

Check out the full report here and if you want to chat with marketers, like me, who care about making the future of mobile marketing one worth every consumer’s time and energy, reach out for a demo

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