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The State of Omni-Channel Marketing in Retail

Retail brands everywhere have come to recognize the importance of omni-channel marketing and its ability to influence their bottom lines. The effectiveness of omni-channel marketing ripples throughout the revenue funnel and the numbers speak for themselves:

  • Campaigns using 4+ channels outperform single- or dual-channel campaigns by 300%
  • Retailers with omni-channel strategies see 30% higher customer lifetime values
  • Brands retain 89% of customers with omni-channel engagement strategies

Similar supporting stats are everywhere and the business cases are clear—omni-channel marketing is not a fad, it’s the future.

This means it’s critical that online retailers deliver high-touch, personalized shopping experiences that convert customers into loyal fans—and the good news for retailers is that they’re more empowered than ever to do so.

Well-executed omni-channel marketing programs create relevant, meaningful brand experiences for customers on a massive scale. While top retailers are quick to admit they should be working toward delivering these experiences, many admit their execution falls well short.

We recently commissioned a study to uncover the critical roadblocks currently inhibiting retail marketers from reaching their customers through omni-channel marketing. We surveyed 300 top North American retail marketing executives to learn how they are (and aren’t) addressing omni-channel marketing inside their organizations.

We compiled our findings into a full report available here. The report provides analysis of the current state of retailer omni-channel capabilities and a slew of other insights:

  • Four primary challenges to omni-channel marketing, as identified by retailers
  • How executives have budgeted their yearly spend to address these challenges
  • Top-performing marketing channels for retailers
  • Industry-specific outreach and benchmarking metrics

As we unpacked our findings from the study, we found that the challenges these retailers are facing are not unique to their industry alone. Becoming an omni-channel-ready marketing organization does not happen overnight. Executives everywhere must take a hard look at their teams, tools, and technology environments to understand where their path forward lies.

Daunting as it may be from the start, working toward a future-proof solution for mastering customer engagement will set brands up for long-term success. Omni-channel brands see improved results across the customer lifecycle—activation, nurture, conversion, and retention—and all executives will quickly acknowledge the advantage this brings to their business.

Download the full report today to learn for yourself just how the retail powerhouses are forging their paths toward omni-channel marketing success.

Download the Iterable Retail Report


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