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Safeway vs. Instacart: Whose Marketing Delivers a Fresher Service?

Competition in the world of grocery delivery is becoming increasingly cut-throat, as seen with Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods for $13.4 billion.

The grocery industry accounts for around $700–800 billion in annual sales, and the showdown has intensified between long-standing supermarket chains and rapidly growing disruptors.

Two such competitors at odds are Safeway, a household name with over 1,300 locations, and Instacart, the Silicon Valley unicorn currently valued at $3.4 billion. Both companies provide same-day grocery delivery services in most major U.S. cities.

But which business does a better job marketing to its customers using omni-channel strategies? To give you an inside look into their messaging strategies, we conducted a User Engagement Teardown comparing the two brands.

To conduct our research, we signed up for an account on each site and increased our level of activity over the course of three weeks. We completed our profiles, downloaded their mobile apps and ordered groceries with both services, all in the spirit of observing which types of behavioral data might trigger activity-based messaging.

After analyzing the content of all messages received, we identified what these businesses are doing well and what areas could use improvement.

Take a look at the teardown below to learn whose marketing delivers a fresher experience. (Note: if you can’t see the embedded SlideShare, make sure to turn off any ad blockers!)

You can see our past comparative teardowns (including Uber vs. Lyft and Marriott vs. Airbnb) on our User Engagement Teardowns page.

Note: Safeway and Instacart are not Iterable customers.

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