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Control Your Email Destiny With the Iterable Spam Node!

Iterable has taken an industry-first lead on eliminating the “black box” of inbox placement to creating a frictionless and reliable path to effective email marketing for our customers.

Our team carefully evaluated the prevalent mail client filtration practices and scoring logic of the major global ISPs, and we are releasing a drag-and-drop node capable of bypassing most inbox rules!

Introducing Spam Node, Iterable’s newest enhancement, seamlessly built into our workflow functionality to fast-track emails into your customers’ spam folders!

Here’s a fun stat: spam generates 1 reply for every 12,500,000 emails sent—that’s an awful lot of emails. If you find yourself yearning for that single reply, there’s no time to waste! Jot down whatever half-baked marketing ideas you have, hit that Spam Node, and fire away.

Nobody like following rules and best practices are bullsh*t! Let’s send some emails, friend. The Spam Node drastically reduces the time marketers typically spend planning, creating and optimizing emails. With guaranteed spam delivery, message content is virtually irrelevant and optimization is moot! Guess whose job just got easier?

With the Spam Node at the wheel, what will you do with all your newfound time and bandwidth? We recommend starting by treating yourself to coffee (or maybe a beer? We’re not judging how you spend your work hours) knowing that you’re marking your task to “send email” as complete—execution is important!

Here’s how you can add the Spam Node into a new or existing workflow today.

A few clicks inside Workflow Studio are all it takes to start the spam jam!

How Can I Benefit From the Spam Node?

With the Spam Node, marketers are free to spend as little (or as much) time as they please crafting emails of questionable quality knowing they can skip over the inbox altogether.

Gone are the days of mulling over nuanced message context and thoughtful campaign strategy—power through rapid-fire sends with confidence, knowing you’re flinging emails in the general direction of your customer.

Technically speaking, customers are still receiving the message, so you’re good to go. If your team disagrees, make up some cause-supporting stats you “read in a recent Adweek article.”

Spam happens—at least some portion of a campaign lands as spam; why not take it a step further and manufacture it at scale?

SPAM: Superior Placement, Artful Marketing…or something.

Spam is good, and so are we! But, don’t just take our word for it; hear it from the experts!

“I’m really struggling to uncover a single ounce of value that this node provides. This seems like a terribly misguided product feature, and I simply cannot recommend this to anyone, for any reason.”

— Anthony Chiulli, Director of Product Marketing, 250ok

“We didn’t actually waste resources on this, did we? Please tell me this isn’t real. Why wasn’t I informed of this?”

— Harold Gimenez, VP of Engineering, Iterable

Controlling your emails’ destinies makes perfect sense to us—don’t play the inbox placement game anymore. It’s boring! Instead, send that last email and go do something else! 

Tips for Getting Started With Spam

We know that not all marketers have not yet experienced the power of Iterable, which is why we’ve shared a few tried-and-true ways to skip past the inbox—even if you can’t access our amazing Spam Node.

Iterable’s Principal Email Deliverability and Industry Relations Manager, Seth Charles, shares his valuable insight below:

5 Tips for Spamming Like a Pro:

  1. No matter what, send to every address in your list every time. Cast that net as wide as possible! The more sending volume, the more profit!
  2. Send at least once per day, but more than once per day is even better. Those recipients can’t ignore you forever!
  3. If you can find a recipient list for sale or rent online, purchase it! It will cut down on the arduous process of collecting addresses on your own. (And then see tip #1!)
  4. Kick consistency to the curb! Jump around IPs and root domains as often as possible. Being consistent over time is boring, and your users will thank you for it!
  5. Use as many buzzwords as you can; have fun with it! Mailbox providers love puns, so feel free to use subject lines and CTAs like, “Canadian ViagrEH?”

Happy April Fool’s Day!

In case you haven’t caught on to our tomfoolery, our Spam Node is a joke—but inbox placement sure isn’t. We pride ourselves on helping marketers send meaningful messages, not blatant spam. 

Since you’ve made it this far into our post, we’re rewarding you with a 50% off registration code to join us at Activate! Join 600+ of the industry’s most innovative marketers as we transform the way we think about customer engagement.

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