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Top 10 Email and Mobile Campaigns Every Brand Needs

Over the past year, we’ve been unboxing must-have digital marketing campaigns across the customer lifecycle—from activating new user interest and nurturing them through each milestone to upselling them into higher lifetime value and rewarding long-term loyalty.

But the world has forever changed, and let’s face it—global pandemic or not, you likely don’t have time to explore the ins-and-outs of nearly a dozen guides to revamp your customer journey piece by piece.

Well, now you don’t have to.

We’ve consolidated all of our unboxing guides into two foundational summaries, catered specifically to email and mobile marketers:

Whether you download one or both, you’ll learn the essential ingredients required of each campaign to improve performance across the distinct phases of your customer’s journey. With these ten core campaigns in your marketer’s toolkit, you can achieve the familiarity, engagement and trust of your audience.

And in case you have been following along with our unboxing series this whole time, don’t think these guides aren’t for you. We’ve included even more leading industry examples in the wild and explained why they work—including Bloomingdale’s eye-catching app welcome campaign, Minted’s simple-yet-effective abandonment email and more.

Not ready to dive into those downloads? Here’s why lifecycle email and mobile campaigns can make-or-break your marketing program.

Leading With the Lifecycle

As marketing experts can attest, your customers aren’t one-size-fits-all, so mass-blasting like you’ve got a megaphone in your hands at all times will never be the right approach.

Customer journeys aren’t linear either: People will be activated and re-activated at unique touchpoints, so context around each customer’s individual lifecycle is key.

Here are just a few lifecycle marketing stats you’ll see in our Top 10 Guides:

When relying on broadcast messages, you’re overlooking countless opportunities to connect in more meaningful ways with your customers.

When you help your customers achieve their goals, they, in turn, help you achieve yours. Everybody wins!” ~ Kath Pay, founder of Holistic Email Marketing, on the importance of lifecycle marketing

Create the Email and Mobile Campaigns Your Brand Deserves

One-off announcements and sales can work wonders too, of course, but the essence of growth marketing is not to stop making an effort after you’ve acquired that new customer, but to walk with them throughout their entire lifecycle.

To learn more about The Top 10 Campaigns Every Brand Needs, download our email marketer’s edition or mobile marketer’s edition (or both, live it up!).

And to better understand how Iterable can support you on the path to personalization, request a demo today.

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