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An Update on Iterable’s Journey From the Co-Founder & CEO

Dear Iterable customers, partners and all members of our community,

I’m writing this note in response to our exciting announcement, revealed in our exclusive with Business Insider, that we’ve secured $60 million in new funding. 

The round was led by Viking Global Investors, with participation from several key investors that participated in our Series C funding round earlier this year: CRV, Index Ventures, Blue Cloud Ventures, Harmony Partners, and Stereo Capital.

We are tremendously grateful for your support that made this achievement possible. It’s been nearly seven years since our founding and I am so thrilled by what’s in store for us as we enter the next chapter of our journey.

Before I dive into what this funding means for Iterable, I just wanted to express my gratitude for allowing us the opportunity to take this journey—from our early days in our first office where I literally iced my wrists after pulling coding all-nighters…

Iterable CEO Justin Zhu in the old office

Iterable Head of Product Andrew Boni in the old office

Circa 2013: Started from the bottom…

…All the way to now speaking in front of hundreds of attendees at our sold-out conference in San Francisco.

Iterable CEO Justin Zhu at Activate 2019

Activate 2019: …Now we’re here.

I’m humbled by how far we’ve come and even more inspired knowing that we’re just getting started.

The Opportunity Ahead

Each year, it gets exponentially more difficult for brands to stand apart from the crowd and break through the noise. With such increased competition, teams spend more time worrying about the next engagement tool they need to buy/build to stay at the bleeding edge and less time connecting their customers with great products.

All the market research, product development and data science that it takes to deliver world-class engagement—Iterable has done the work to help brands succeed. We’ve built a secure, scalable, reliable platform that’s truly best-of-breed so we can serve as a trusted advisor for our clients.

And we’ve accomplished the feat by building a sustainable business that’s prepared for any market conditions and is in control of its own destiny to serve our customers for years and years to come.

Quote from David Oh at FabFitFun

So what does this funding mean for Iterable? Here are three major areas where we’ll be focusing in 2020:

  1. Expand the core platform
  2. Invest in emerging engagement technologies
  3. Scale our global team

Expand the Core Platform

As the center of the modern growth stack, Iterable provides a single place that brands can create, run and iterate on the best way to engage with each customer across their lifecycle. Our clients are consolidating email service providers, mobile point solutions and homegrown messaging systems into one platform, so it’s critical that Iterable exceed their expectations and deliver on the true promise of marketing technology.

Quote from Harley Hoffman at Hired

Moreover, in the era of reclaiming consumer privacy with regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, marketers are anticipating a cookie-less future and recognizing the importance of using first-party channels—like email, push and SMS—to personalize messaging with first-party customer data. 

We plan on furthering the expansion of the Iterable platform by developing new ways for brands to leverage their own data—in real time—to achieve growth and customer engagement never seen before.

Invest in Emerging Engagement Technologies

Mainstream companies around the world are adopting highly integrated, cutting-edge solutions, and Iterable is dedicated to innovating on our human-first AI products. With this focus on innovation, we empower marketers with valuable insights to make better decisions and build long-term relationships with their happy customers.

We’ll also continue partnering with the most innovative engagement technologies on the market. The Iterable Ecosystem includes 75+ official partners, across key categories, such as data management and analytics, email and mobile platforms, and professional services. Deploying the modern growth stack is no longer a secret strategy reserved for Silicon Valley startups, and our team will continue to invest in technologies that maximize customer engagement.

Scale Our Global Team

To support our customers around the world, we plan to increase our global workforce across our four offices in San Francisco, New York City, Denver and London.

We will continue to help the largest and most compelling brands reach their growth objectives, so it’s needless to say that we’re hiring across the board. Check out our open positions if you’re interested in joining a talented team and contributing to our amazing company culture.

2020, Here We Come

I am incredibly proud of our team’s accomplishments and thrilled for the next stage on our journey. Want to learn where we’re headed next? 

Tickets are already on sale for our signature growth marketing conference, Activate, hosted in San Francisco on June 8-10. We’d love to see you there!

—Justin Zhu, co-founder and CEO of Iterable

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