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DBM SparkPost

Watch and Listen: SparkPost Talks About the Future of Email

At Iterable, we like celebrating the Dreamers, Builders and Makers. These are the people behind today’s customer experiences. The ones coming up with big ideas, solving problems, and thinking creatively and strategically to make sure every customer has an experience worth remembering. 

As part of our effort to highlight these professionals, we kicked off a new interview series, “Dream It, Build It, Make It.” In this series, I dive deep with guests from a variety of industries to learn more about how they are working to create long-lasting connections with their audiences. We’re all in this together, so what better way to collaborate than sharing ideas?

For today’s episode we spoke with email sending and deliverability platform, SparkPost, a MessageBird company, to get their expert opinion on all things email. From what has changed during the pandemic to what aspects of those changes will stick around, our chat covers everything you wanted to know about email but were too afraid to ask! 

Meet Elliot From SparkPost

In chatting with Elliot Ross, Technology Evangelist at SparkPost, we discovered the different areas of email sending and deliverability that marketers should focus on in the coming year. With iOS 15 and MPP taking hold this year, Elliot brought up how marketers should approach the changes to open rate monitoring and some ways marketers should adjust their approach to email marketing and analytics. 

Give it a watch or listen to learn more from Elliot right here. 

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