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Digital Transformation Assessment

Advancements in digital technology have revolutionized the way consumers interact, engage and stay connected with the brands they love. For businesses to grow and not be left behind, operating as a digital-first business is the only way forward. Is your team prepared?


12-Question Assessment

About the Assessment

Digital transformation happens most effectively at the intersection of people, process and technology to break traditional silos, teams and processes, empowering businesses with the right data and technology to seamlessly deliver meaningful customer experiences across every device and digital touchpoint.

People, process and technology represent the three critical components of digital transformation and the more proficiently you’re able to optimize each one, the more your team will be prepared for digital success.

A marketing organization’s digital transformation journey typically ranges somewhere within one of these three stages: Opportunistic, Optimized, Digitized


Successful digital transformation is really all about people. And it’s executed behind the scenes—teams of Dreamers, Builders and Makers working together to create memorable experiences. Before your organization can truly digitize, companies must reorganize their business to break down departmental silos, broaden their skill-sets and work cross-functionally with a shared purpose and accountability to achieve business goals.


Change is constant and organizations are constantly changing—technology changes, people change and market conditions change. To adapt and keep up with these changes, businesses must also reconsider how they operate. It’s rethinking the “how” that can accelerate driven decision-making and speed, increase efficiencies and improve agility.


Brands must depend on digital technology to drive deep, memorable customer experiences and plant seeds for future growth. In particular, COVID-19 taught us that we need to leverage technology to not only embrace being digital-first, but also to use the digital experiences we create as opportunities to delight customers.

Where are you on your digital transformation journey?


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