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Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ study examines Iterable’s financial impact on a marketing organization and the potential return on investment (ROI) by deploying Iterable.

Iterable’s truly omni-channel solution enables marketers to reduce dependencies on engineering and drive increased engagement and revenue through personalization and multi-channel campaigns.

Financial & Productivity Benefits were Achieved in 5 Key Areas:

  • Increased Revenue From Higher Customer Engagement:  Due to improved timeliness, personalization of campaigns, and more targeted customer messaging, Iterable increased recurring revenue 18% YoY.

  • Increased Revenue From Sophisticated Segmentation And Personalization: Due to improved timeliness and personalization of messaging, Iterable increased abandoned shopping cart recovery by 20%. 

  • Increased Productivity From Product Ease-Of-Use: The marketing team was able to leverage Iterable’s Workflow Studio, segmentation, and automation capabilities with minimal engineering input resulting in a 15% YoY increase in the number of messages sent with Iterable.

  • Moving to a Truly Omni-channel Solution: Iterable enables its customer to automate campaigns across multiple channels in real time, consolidate marketing platforms and improve marketing’s relationship with engineering.

  • Dramatic Improvement in ROI: Investing in Iterable yielded a 700% ROI due to increased revenue, improvements in the marketing team’s productivity, avoided costs from previous solutions and a payback period of less than 3 months.

“Implementing Iterable has had a significant impact on our business. It’s enabled us to send much more sophisticated campaigns to our users and to set those up in an easier way. So we have both benefits in terms of improved performance on the customer side as well as operational workflow benefits on our side.” VP of marketing, eCommerce 

“Really what pointed us to Iterable was that our engineers really liked all of the documentation Iterable had. They could tell immediately that they were written by modern engineers with modern technology.” Director of email marketing, eCommerce

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