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About Realtors Property Resource

Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®) delivers on-the-go access to an all-encompassing real estate platform, available exclusively to REALTORS®, and offered at no additional cost. Easily accessed through desktop, iOS, and Android devices.

Aaron's Bio

Hey there! I’m a marketing and branding strategist with over thirteen years of experience specializing in product digital marketing, brand social media marketing, copywriting, design and media buying. While I’ve been at RPR for the last 10 years, I have been part of the team that has managed transforming our marketing from a uni-channel to omni-channel marketing venture. In the time that we have adopted Iterable as the foundation of our MarTech stack we have seen transformative growth in our reduction of churn and overall acquisition of our REALTOR® Members. Which now makes us the most utilized member benefit of the National Association of REALTORS®.

Fun Facts

I am a classically trained Tuba player and previously played professionally.
I am a big Star Trek fan, and have probably watched all series and movies at least 5 times each.
I was a member of a top 5 in the world Drum and Bugle Corp.


What brings you joy in your role?

I love solving problems! So when a department or team comes to me with an idea, I love taking the abstract and turning it into a working solution. Ultimately delivering what they were needing by going outside of the box and delivering an innovative solution utilizing marketing automations (and some other tricks) to simplify the overall process and maximize customer satisfaction. That’s what brings me joy in my role at RPR.


How do you stay inspired or motivated in your work?

Staying inspired and motivated is easier said than done. But I love to learn and I’ve been a lifelong student. Taking every opportunity and making it into a chance to tinker and build something new, while figuring out the next best practice. Also, surround yourself with others that motivate and inspire you to go further and to shoot for the stars.


What tips, tricks, or pieces of advice would give a new Iterable user?

Use the Iterable Academy and knowledge base as sources of reference when you are experimenting with features and new ideas. And don’t be afraid to explore an abstract idea that you might think doesn’t work. Most likely there is a solution or shortcut that you haven’t discovered yet.


What challenges was your team experiencing before Iterable? How has Iterable helped address these challenges?

We had outgrown our prior ESP. We were constantly swimming upstream with even simple ideas such as implementing events into our marketing environment (which we had implemented throughout the rest of our MarTech stack). This made us feel stuck and unable to really move past blasting emails to our members. We are now able to meet our members wherever they are in their journey with us. Iterable lets us deliver customized dynamic content that meets their needs where it makes the most sense. Additionally, organizationally, having a full integration with our product and user database resulting in a more optimized and efficient marketing and operations teams.


What led you to choose Iterable over others in the market?

Value, cost and breadth of the application were the ultimate reasons that led us to go with Iterable. Besides being one of the most customized applications that easily integrated with our product team and allowing us to build out our integration to suit our specific marketing and product needs. The value that you get from Iterable by far beats out the competition.


Besides Iterable, what are the other tools in your marketing toolkit that you can’t live without?

Iterable + Appcues + Zapier = My Marketing Supertool. With Iterable you get the delivery vehicle, with Appcues we get real time behavioral data from users who interact with our product and with Zapier; I’m able to tie all three together to make a marketing super tool. Imagine you have a team that comes to you wanting to execute a campaign for a feature that hasn’t gotten much love from users. I’ll spin up a predictive goal audience with Iterable, segment our audience for our most engaged users. And then use Appcues and Zapier to place a new event on this feature, and send these events directly into my Iterable project to deliver real-time in-app, email and push messaging based off of a single click and segment from Appcues to Iterable. All without the need of a developer writing a single line of code.


What do you think will be the next big thing in the marketing industry (AI, automation, new channels?)

I believe that AI is going to keep having great impacts in how we all perform our jobs as digital and growth marketers. Iterable is already making strides with implementing AI features such as Brand Affinity, Predictive Goals and Send Time Optimization to name a few. But with development with AI, and ideas such as “what is the next best action” for a segment of users or full image generation prompting with Iterable. I think that’s where we are headed. Additionally new channels may be developed based on new hardware that becomes available and adopted in mass. Think wearables, and if say Apple Vision Pro, Oculus etc take off as an essentials in everyday life. I believe that there would be communications channels that would follow. We’ve already started to see it with Smart TVs, this may be the first step into that world.


What’s one thing that can instantly make your day better?

Turn your frustrations into motivations. Ever feel stuck, or just like you’re spinning your wheels. Walk away, literally go for a walk, clear your head. Come back and work on something else. I find by doing this, it lets my brain stop focusing so hard on what I’m having a problem with and out of the blue I’ll get inspiration and course correct and be back on track feeling like a rock star.


What is one goal you’d like to achieve in your lifetime?

To see all 7 Wonders of the Modern World.