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About Memories Group Limited

Memories is a safe place online where you can capture your most cherished memories and share them with loved ones for generations to come. 


Memories saves and organises your precious photos, videos, scans and stories, and records others’ reflections on each one. It keeps the memories alive and the conversation going long after the moment has passed. 


Memories is the place to celebrate the life of a loved one after they die. It’s the place to curate your own life legacy in your own words, for your kids — and their kids. And it’s the place to capture memories from events, adventures and activities that you never want to forget. 


With Memories, you can be sure your story will never be lost or forgotten. 

Matt's Bio

Matt is the CRM Manager at Memories Group Limited, a start up at the forefront of the Death Tech industry. A lifecycle marketing leader with over 6 years of experience, he has extensive experience with CRM platform implementations and building omni channel CRM programs from the ground up.

Fun Facts

I coach a football team (AFL/ Aussie Rules)
I have way too many hobbies- camping, running, mountain bike riding, gym and the occasional surf.
I used to work for Chris Hemsworth's health and fitness app


When and how did you get your start in marketing?

After completing my Marketing Degree at Monash University, I was fortunate to land my first job as a Marketing Coordinator at a small tech startup in 2018. At the time the company was building influencer-led online workout programs and in time it became a global leader in subscription health and fitness apps. It turned out to be one of those wonderful opportunities where my career was able to grow side by side with the company.


What are some of your career highlights or campaigns that you’re especially proud of?

Back in 2019, the start-up I was at was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to partner with Chris Hemsworth to build, launch and run his health and fitness app, Centr. Just 18 months out of university, I was tasked with leading in the implementation of the Centr CRM platform and was also responsible for the development and build of the entire end-to-end customer journey flow. 


What tips, tricks, or pieces of advice would give a new Iterable user?

Get stuck into the Iterable Academy training videos and spend as much time on the platform as you can. The best learning you can do is by being hands-on. If you hit a blocker on your learning path then the Iterable support team is incredibly helpful (and knowledgeable), so make sure to lean on them.


What led you to choose Iterable over others in the market?

Iterable is a standout leader in the customer engagement space. More than ever, marketing teams need to be empowered to build and activate their own campaigns, developer resources are tight so gone are the days of relying on engineers to stand up your campaigns. Easy to use and incredibly powerful, Iterable enables Marketers to easily put the right message in front of a customer at the right time on the right channel. Iterable’s support team is second to none and at a time when globally every dollar counts, Iterable is far cheaper than other competitors in the space.


As a consumer, what brings you joy from a brand’s outreach/communication?

I love it when brands have clearly invested a lot of time and effort into understanding who I am as a customer and how I’ve interacted with the brand previously. Our phones and inboxes are saturated with comms from companies, so the best campaigns are always the ones that transform your interactions with the brand into 1 to 1 personalized comms. 


What would you like to see brands doing more of? Or less of?

I’d like to see more brands lean into the powerful marketing tools that are out there to improve and further personalize their customer experiences. When brands communicate and don’t appear to know anything about me, it doesn’t inspire me to interact any further with that brand.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

When you’re part of a team, it isn’t important what you expect of yourself, what’s most important is what your teammates expect of you.


What’s one thing that can instantly make your day better?

Gratitude along with sincere and genuine interaction with friends and colleagues.