Iterable utilizes third party sub-processors, for program delivery to customers. A sub-processor is a third party data processor engaged by Iterable, who processes personal data (i) on behalf of Iterable customers; (ii) in accordance with customer instructions as communicated by Iterable; and (iii) in accordance with the terms of a written contract between Iterable and the sub-processor.

Iterable maintains an up-to-date list of the names and locations of all sub-processors. For additional questions, please contact


Sub-Processor Details of Processing Activity Location of Processing Activity
Amazon Web Services Infrastructure as a service. United States. (84codes) Message queueing. United States, Sweden.
Redis Labs Database Management United States.
SparkPost Send and receive emails via API. United States, Ireland.
Twilio Send SMS via API. United States.
FullContact Data enrichment. United States.
DataBricks Data science tool. United States.
Mailgun Send and receive emails via API. United States.
Streamlio Message queueing. United States.
Heroku Managed service provider. United States.
DataDog Application monitoring system. United States.
Sentry Error Tracking Software. United States.