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The Iterable Expie Awards

Be Recognized Among the Best


The Iterable Expie Awards recognize and celebrate customers and partners that are leveraging Iterable to deliver joyful experiences with harmonized, individualized and dynamic communications at mass-scale. From extraordinary customer engagement to authentic, empathetic connections, Expie Award nominees and winners raise the bar for brands all over the world. We are honored to highlight the accomplishments of these teams and individuals.

Marketing Dream Team of the Year, Enterprise and SMB

As the old saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work,” and your team is making the marketing dream come true. This award celebrates the teams that are differentiating themselves through collaboration and creativity, building joyful human connections with their customers and cutting through the noise of thousands of other brands sending marketing messages.

Describe how you and your team work together to deliver joyful customer experiences.

This award is broken out into two categories, Enterprise (more than 750 employees) and SMB (less than 750 employees).

WINNER (Enterprise)

FINALIST (Enterprise)

FINALIST (Enterprise)




MVM Award

Most Valuable Marketer

The Most Valuable Marketer (MVM) Award celebrates an individual that stands out from the rest. They either brought an automation program to life or took an existing strategy to the next level. Whatever the case, they are a changemaker, and take risks that pay off.

The MVM award recipient works cross-functionally, collaborating with business units across their company to meet their goals. They are THE go-to Iterable expert known for executing exceptional campaigns that build joyful customer experiences.

Does this sound like you or someone you work with? To apply, tell us what makes you or your nominee the MVM.  Metrics that speak to the success of the applicant’s highlighted marketing campaigns and endorsements from colleagues are encouraged.

Mariajosé Balboa, Marketing Automation Specialist



Matthew Jung, Product Marketing Manager, Lifecycle



Chloë Meyronnet, Senior Experience Manager



Marketing Moment of the Year

Marketing Moment of the Year

Moments make memories. The Marketing Moment of the Year award recognizes a stand-out campaign executed by an Iterable customer that brought joy. From beautifully designed communications, to compelling copy and content, from an exercise in empathetic marketing that resonated with your audience, to a viral campaign, this award is meant to celebrate an instance of joyful memorable marketing, whatever form it took.

Be descriptive in your application for Marketing Moment of the Year by detailing the campaign you are highlighting, your goals or KPIs, the channels that you leveraged, and any success metrics or highlights.

Most Inspiring Switch to Iterable Award

Most Inspiring Switch to Iterable

Have you switched to Iterable from another platform in the past year? This award celebrates the team that embraced adaptation, revision and change by making the switch to Iterable. This team hit the ground running, and has a success story that will inspire and excite others looking to do the same.

In your application, describe why your team made the decision to switch to Iterable. Discuss the changes you have seen, share your successes, and tell us about the holistic impact the change has had on your business performance.

Best Data Award

Best in Data Activation

Today’s consumers are bombarded with hundreds of messages each day, many of which are overlooked due to irrelevance. But being ignored isn’t for you. Your campaigns are individualized to your customers, and stand out from the crowd.

The Best in Data Activation award celebrates an Iterable customer that has tapped into high quality customer data and delivered relevant, individualized customer experiences.

Describe how your company is leveraging Iterable and integrations to transform point-in-time campaigns to always-on adaptive journeys that scale to adapt in real-time.

Best Customer Experience Award

Most Harmonized Customer Experience

Consumer messaging is, more often than not, inconsistent across channels. In fact, according to Accenture, 80% of consumers receive a fragmented experience as they engage with a brand across multiple channels. That’s what makes individualization and multi-channel communication essential in today’s market. This award celebrates Iterable customers who are making every interaction a multi-channel experience and bringing together service and promotional experience.

Describe how your company is using Iterable to create a harmonized experience. From integrating data from multiple sources to identifying the preferred channel for each consumer, highlight how your team is making their interactions with your brand frictionless at every stage of the customer journey.

Agency Partner of the Year

This award recognizes partners who are delivering exceptional value to Iterable customers through marketing transformation, implementation or creative services. Together, we are on the journey with brands to deliver joyful experiences with harmonized, individualized and dynamic communications.


Technology Partner of the Year

This award recognizes partners which deliver seamlessly integrated, best-in-class partner solutions that solve business challenges, such as maximizing revenue opportunities. Together, we are on the journey with brands to deliver joyful experiences with harmonized, individualized and dynamic communications.