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Here Are the Winners of the 2024 Iterable Expie Awards

Marketers are always finding ways to spread awareness, drive new leads, and reach customers in new, innovative ways. When we announced the finalists of the Expie Awards, we likened marketers to the fuel behind the fire, giving the broader organization the energy they need to excel and meet their goals.

At Activate Summit today, we revealed the winners of the 2024 Expie Awards and, without a doubt, these winners are the heroes behind the scenes. They think differently, bring new ideas to the forefront, and iterate on those ideas until they deliver results.

Here are the 2024 Iterable Expie Award Winners.

Expie Award Winners by Category

Next-Gen Innovators

As a reminder, this year we also introduced our Next-Gen Innovators Award, which is given to multiple marketers who are embracing change, pushing boundaries, and turning ideas into impactful realities. Here are the Next-Gen Innovators, in no particular order.

The Expies Next-Gen Innovator Award Winners

Louis Jahn, CRM Lifecycle Manager at Epidemic Sound

Louis thrives on exploration and adaptation, continuously learning and innovating to connect deeply with his audience. His commitment to data-driven insights and collaborative problem solving across teams sets him apart. By tailoring messaging based on user feedback, he achieved a remarkable 150% increase in engagement.

Through creativity, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of exceptional experiences, Louis and the Epidemic Sound team are pushing the boundaries of marketing to make a lasting impact in their industry.

Meagan Hardcastle, Email & Lifecycle Marketing Manager at from Elsevier

Meagan consistently demonstrates a passion for big-picture thinking and a relentless pursuit of growth opportunities in her work at Osmosis from Elsevier. Her spearheading a collaborative effort to overhaul email communications resulted in a remarkable 54% increase in total clicks and unparalleled improvements in engagement metrics. This initiative not only elevated the brand’s digital presence but also set a new standard for customer interaction.

Her enthusiasm for exploring new ideas and pushing boundaries has not only inspired her colleagues but has also fueled a culture of innovation within her team.

Clinton Wilmott, Senior Email Marketing Manager at Namecheap

Overcoming numerous challenges as an experienced Email Marketer at Namecheap, Clinton has launched transformative initiatives, from educating stakeholders on marketing automation to implementing a consistent marketing calendar with a regular send frequency. His groundbreaking engagement strategy has yielded over 50% year-over-year growth, showcasing his visionary approach and dedication to driving results.

By orchestrating companywide brand campaigns with meticulously planned email sequences, Clinton has not only increased revenue and engagement but also elevated customer satisfaction. With a focus on personalization using Iterable’s tools, Clinton continues to push boundaries and shape the future of email marketing.

Rita Bastos, CRM Specialist at Wolt

Rita’s efforts to implement a content catalog logic for Wolt’s global reactivation campaigns have revolutionized and streamlined their campaign set-up process. Through innovative thinking, she designed, tested, and implemented Iterable’s content catalog setup, condensing the multitude of templates from over 400 to just 16. Rita’s achievements not only save time and resources but also ensure consistency, accuracy, and scalability across all campaigns. Her innovative approach has maximized efficiency and productivity and set a new standard for excellence at Wolt.

Priscilla Liu, Sr. Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Samsara

Priscilla’s self-initiated project to build out data feeds infrastructure at Samsara has significantly enhanced team efficiency and expanded the possibilities of utilizing Iterable. Serving as a centralized tool for content management within campaigns, the data feeds democratize personalization and localization, providing more control over messaging and reducing errors. Priscilla has enabled the team to build campaigns faster, increased operational efficiency, and introduced more dynamic personalization possibilities, positioning her as a forward-thinking Next-Gen Innovator.

Most Inspiring Switch to Iterable: Dotdash Meredith

Finalists: Guild, Peet’s Coffee

Dotdash Meredith is America’s largest digital and print publisher, with 40+ iconic brands including PEOPLE, Better Homes & Gardens, Allrecipes, and Investopedia. Dotdash Meredith hit the ground running when they switched to Iterable. Faced with the immense scale of their migration and a tight timeline, Dotdash Meredith partnered closely with the Iterable team to ensure a smooth migration. Through their collaborative efforts, the migration was a success, giving Dotdash Meredith the ability to deliver immediate value not only to readers but across the entire business.

Expie Award for Most Inspiring Switch to Iterable: Dotdash Meredith

“After our transition to Iterable, we’ve gained many efficiencies. The biggest being the speed at which we can set up and deploy campaigns. With Iterable we are able to deploy more monthly campaigns with one fewer production resource.”

Most Individualized Customer Experience: PGA of America

Finalists: Rover, Fender

The PGA of America (PGA) is one of the world’s largest sports organizations, composed of more than 30,000 PGA of America Golf Professionals who love the game, are expert coaches, operators and business leaders, and work daily to drive interest, inclusion and participation in the sport. The PGA is celebrated for their strategic, comprehensive and innovative approach to leveraging Iterable for data-driven, personalized customer experiences. The team has overcome challenges and achieved remarkable success in individualizing customer experiences, significantly enhancing engagement and business outcomes, and ultimately driving greater interest in the game of golf.

Expie Award for Most Personalized CX: PGA

Utilizing Iterable’s robust engagement tools, we’ve crafted campaigns that not only deepen involvement but also highlight career opportunities within the golf industry,” said Fahad Zahid, Senior Director, Brand and Digital Marketing at the PGA. “Our initiatives focus on using custom, targeted content in support of diversity, inclusivity, and philanthropy, showcasing the sport’s commitment to creating a positive impact beyond the green. We also leverage Iterable’s segmentation tools to attract spectators and volunteers to Championships, fostering a rich, inclusive golf culture that celebrates every individual’s journey and contribution.”

Best AI-Powered Customer Experience: Wolt

Finalists: Redbubble, Redfin

Wolt is a Helsinki-based technology company that provides an online platform for consumers, merchants and couriers. On Wolt’s app, customers can easily discover and order their favorite meals, fresh groceries and local goods delivered to their doorstep. The Wolt team is being celebrated for their innovative work and the outstanding results their team has achieved by leveraging Iterable’s Predictive Goals. Wolt’s use of this AI-powered technology has not only unlocked rapid results but also provided the team with valuable insights and data points that were previously unknown. The team rapidly incorporated these learnings into their future automation strategies and plans. This recognition highlights Wolt’s creativity and innovation in using Iterable’s AI to intelligently engage with their audience and revolutionize their customer communication approach.

Best AI-Powered CX: Wolt

Iterable has enhanced our customer communication strategies, enabling us to interact more intelligently with our audience,” shared Selen Kucukarslan, Senior CRM & Marketing Automation Manager at Wolt. “Previously, we required data scientists to build audiences based on a smart data model. Through Iterable’s predictive audiences, we discovered a scalable method to craft intelligent audience segments. This enabled us to target users more effectively, focusing solely on those likely to achieve specific goals that are key for our business.”

Best Use of Cross-Channel Marketing: IPSY

Finalists: Booksy,

IPSY is the beauty industry’s most powerful marketing platform, uniting brands, creators, and hyper-engaged consumers with unprecedented access to each other through the world’s largest beauty membership. IPSY connects with its customers during their most exciting member moments, delivering joyful experiences through a comprehensive cross-channel strategy encompassing email, SMS, and push messages.

Leveraging Iterable’s platform, IPSY’s Lifecycle Marketing team orchestrates real-time, automated lifecycle communication, tailoring each interaction to meet their customers’ unique needs and preferences while driving business impact. IPSY was founded to inspire everyone to express their unique beauty, and they are celebrated for their success in building strong and meaningful customer relationships and infusing their mission across all customer touchpoints.

Best Use of Cross-Channel Marketing: IPSY

“Iterable enables us to connect with members during their most exciting moments via comprehensive cross-channel strategies that encompasses email, sms, and push messages. Leveraging Iterable’s platform, our Lifecycle Marketing team is able to orchestrate real-time automated lifecycle communication, tailoring each interaction to fulfill the distinct needs and preferences of our customers while driving impact for our business.”

Agency Partner of the Year: Bounteous x Accolite

Bounteous x Accolite is a premier digital agency offering end-to-end solutions in Strategy & Insights, Experience Design, Solution Engineering, and Growth Marketing. They accelerate clients’ time to market and enable rapid adaptation to changing business landscapes.

Agency Partner of the Year: Bounteous x Accolite

“Enabling our clients to be able to deliver the best personalized experiences for their customers is paramount to their growth,” said Fred Fred Faulkner, VP of Strategic Marketing at Bounteous. “Partnering with Iterable and their solutions has given our clients that opportunity. We’re excited to see our clients find success with Iterable and the additional services Bounteous x Accolite offers them.”

Technology Partner of the Year: Hightouch

Hightouch is the leading Composable Customer Data Platform (CDP) that empowers companies to activate their data warehouse to power personalized marketing and business operations. Trusted by leading organizations like PetSmart, The NBA, Warner Music Group, Calendly, Spotify, and GameStop, Hightouch enables anyone to deliver personalized customer experiences, optimize performance marketing, and move faster by leveraging data across their organization.

Tech Partner of the Year: Hightouch

Iterable and Hightouch share a vision of democratizing data so that marketers can deliver stronger personalized experiences,” said Kashish Gupta, co-founder and co-CEO of Hightouch. “We’re thrilled to partner more closely with Iterable to deliver our technology to marketing teams around the world.”

2024 Expies are a Wrap

Congratulations to our winners and our finalists. If you think your team has what it takes to win an Expie in 2025, keep your eyes peeled for the chance to nominate your peers next year.

And, if you have your eye on the “Most Inspiring Switch to Iterable” prize, schedule a demo today.

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