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Iterable Expie Awards

Announcing the 2022 Iterable Expie Awards Finalists

Businesses often strive to sell. Make sales, close deals, generate leads—you know the drill. But, making sales would be close to impossible without the support from the marketers behind the scenes. If sales are the fire, marketing is the coal, fueling success.

That’s why, to recognize those marketers who are creating, innovating, and iterating, we’ve developed our own award: The Iterable Expie Awards.

The Expies celebrate those marketers and marketing teams that go above and beyond. They ignite the flame of inspiration and spark thoughtful, innovative ways to drive growth and build customer relationships.

Join us at Activate Summit North America in San Francisco, September 7-9,  for even more marketing inspiration.

The Iterable Expie Awards

The Expies were designed to showcase customers and partners that leverage Iterable to power world-class communication. From extraordinary customer experiences to authentic, emotional connections, Expie Award nominees and winners raise the bar for marketers all over the world.

We received countless applications for the 2022 Iterable Expie Awards, but could only choose a select few as our finalists. They’re the best of the best. The fuel behind the fire.

The Iterable Expie award finalist list includes individuals and brands from around the world:, Cinemark, Clair, Dogo App, Eden Health, Evernote, Georgia Aquarium, Glassdoor, Jersey Mike’s, Kahoot!, MeUndies, Oportun,, Ritual, Secret Escapes, Tottenham Hotspur, WeTransfer, and Zoopla. In the Most Valuable Marketer category, finalists include Matthew Jung, Product Marketing Manager at Clair, Mariajosé Balboa, Marketing Automation Specialist at Kahoot!, and Chloë Meyronnet, Senior Experience Manager at Multiverse.

Winners Coming Soon…

We’re on the edges of our seats! We’ll be announcing the winners of the Iterable Expies at our signature conference, Activate North America, and, with that, the winners of our partner awards: Agency Partner of the Year and Technology Partner of the Year.

We hope this lights a fire under you and your team to get out there and continue executing some killer marketing strategies.

If you want to see who wins and you’re looking for even more marketing inspiration, be sure to register for Activate Summit North America, coming to you live in San Francisco, September 7-9.

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