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Activate Summit Europe

5 Reasons to Attend Activate Summit Europe

In 2019 we held our first ever Activate London. More than 100 marketing professionals from across the UK and Europe came together to explore the state of marketing.

Since then…well…a lot has changed. We haven’t had many in-person events with more than 100 people in the past few years. No one has. But, we’re bursting at the seams with excitement because on the 25th May, that’s all going to change.

Activate Summit Europe is coming back to London. And you’re all invited. Tell your friends.

But we get it. You’re busy right now. Summer is coming up and travel is possible again. More and more conferences are popping up. You’ve got options. We obviously think Activate Summit Europe is worth every marketer’s attention, but to help prove that point, we’ve put together five points that might convince you (and your favourite colleagues) to join us.

(In the event you don’t need convincing, here’s a link to the registration page.)

1. Face to Face

The most obvious reason and the one that we’re all equally excited about is that we’ll be in person. Whether you shake hands, bump elbows, high five, or even hug, you can do that at Activate Summit Europe!

No Zoom calls. No “I’m just gonna share my screen real quick.” No accidental talking over each other. Real, honest face-to-face communication between you and your peers. We’ll have breakout sessions, networking opportunities, workshops, and more (*cough* happy hour *cough*) available for you to get to know one another!

2. A Premier Lineup

Sure, we’ll be in person, but who will you be listening to? We have a stellar lineup of speakers ready to show you the ins and outs of modern marketing. You’ll hear from marketing leaders at Zoopla, WeTransfer, Wolt, Blockchain, and Secret Escapes. And that’s only a portion of the lineup too!

3. Mind-Blowing Tracks & Workshops

What will those amazing speakers be talking about? Short answer: better marketing. Long answer: we’ve broken out the content this year in two tracks and a few workshops to really get into it.

Our Foundations Workshop—hosted May 25th at 1pm BST—is all about the basics in Iterable. Whether you’re new to Iterable, or looking to refresh your skills, this is the chance to learn from the experts. Among other things, you’ll learn how to create templates, maintain lists, and create onboarding journeys.

Our Advanced Workshop—same time, same place as the first workshop—is for those of you who want to learn it all. You’re an expert in your own right, but can you take a newly-cleaned list and boost positive engagement metrics in a mere 60 days? Or implement ongoing industry-validated deliverability practices? In this workshop, you’ll learn how and so much more.

Then, starting May 26th at 10:30am BST, our two session tracks kick off.

The first track Marketing to the Modern Customer, will dive into what it takes to connect with your customers as you know them. In this track, you’ll learn the different strategies needed to make memorable, joyful experiences. Sample topics include how to harmonize a cross-channel experience for personalisation, getting started in AI, and humanising your brand.

The second track, Building a Better Customer Experience, is for those of you who love digging into the nitty gritty of campaign execution. You’ll see how our speakers are using modern martech and data to execute on the strategies in the first track. Sample topics here include lifecycle journey mapping, retention and acquisition strategies, and scalability, localisation, and globalisation.

We’ve structured the tracks in a way that allows you to personalise your Activate Summit Europe experience to exactly what you and your team needs to take away from the event.

But…what if you want to see every session? We don’t blame you. That’s what #4 is for.

4. Bookmarked for Later

So you missed a session. It’s ok. We’ve got you covered. Just by registering, you’ve signed yourself up to be able to see every session as many times as you want. Every session will be available on demand after the event for (re)viewing at your leisure.

Take your time. Really digest the information. The event will be jam-packed with content. You’re only human. Some insights might slip by. On demand is a beautiful thing. Enjoy Activate Summit Europe round two with no distractions.

5. Good Times, Great People

Did you think we’d forget who you’ll get to meet? No way! The Iterable community is the lifeblood of our event series. Every year at Activate—even the virtual ones—we see incredible bonds forged between some of the world’s best marketers.

Activate Summit Europe is going to be no different. As mentioned above, you’ll have ample opportunity in breakout sessions, workshops, Q&A, meals, happy hour, and more to get to know your other attendees and join the Iterable community. Activate is an incredible chance to talk about marketing today and learn how other teams are tackling similar challenges to you.

We don’t want you missing out.

See You There?

Pretty amazing, huh? Sometimes we get so lost in our own work we can forget there are others out there facing similar obstacles. Some of them have even found creative solutions. At Activate Summit Europe, hundreds of Europe’s marketing leaders are coming together to activate their data and make memorable experiences of lasting impact.

We hope to see you there. Your ticket is only a few clicks away.

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