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Activate Summit Europe Track

Activate Summit Europe: Building a Better Customer Experience

Activate Summit Europe is almost here! We gave you five reasons to attend and one of those reasons was our speaker tracks. There will be two speaker tracks at Activate Summit Europe. One track will focus on Marketing to the Modern Customer and includes thought leadership from partners, customers, and external experts. But in this post, we’re focusing on the other track: Building a Better Customer Experience.

Don’t Miss Our Workshops

Before we dive into the sessions in this track, let’s not skip over what happens the day before the conference even kicks off. On Wednesday, 25th May, as a conference amuse-bouche to whet your marketing palate, there are two Iterable-centric workshops.

New to the Iterable platform? Interested in a refresh of the basics? The Iterable Foundations workshop is for you. Or, maybe you’re an Iterable wizard looking to expand upon the ways you currently use the Iterable platform. If that’s the case, join us for the Iterable Advanced workshop. In either workshop you’ll leave with tangible takeaways to help you navigate the Iterable platform.

The next day, however, is when the majority of the conference takes place. Let’s take a look at what you can expect.

A Perfect Track Record

By blending sessions from partners, customers, and external experts, you’ll get a well-rounded perspective on how to build a better customer experience. Each session will leave you with valuable takeaways and insights that you’ll only get at Activate.

The Building a Better Customer Experience track is a more tactical look at how our customers and partners develop and execute their marketing strategies. From building customer journeys to scaling internationally, this track has the actionable advice you need to elevate your customer experience.

Let’s take a closer look at the sessions being offered in this track.

Why Establishing a Customer Journey Matters

To start the day, WeTransfer’s Senior Email Marketing Manager, Ornella Gallo, will explain how to build a customer journey and why customer journeys are crucial for your marketing strategy. By combining real-life examples and supporting data, Ornella will take you on your own journey as you listen to her session.

Designing an Acquisition Journey to Encourage Retention

After Ornella’s presentation, Blockchain’s Growth Marketing Manager, Indi Pollard, takes the stage to talk about everyone’s favorite dynamic duo: acquisition and retention. But this time, with a twist. Indi will explain some strategies for designing an acquisition journey that not only captures the attention of new customers, but keeps them engaged, turning them into loyal customers.

5 Levers to Help You Grow Your Business Across Borders

To build up your appetite for scalability (and lunch), Jen Lang, Chief Customer Officer of Secret Escapes, will walk through five levers that can help your brand succeed when it comes to scaling globally. Jen will share her first-hand experiences with scalability in the hospitality industry and why, especially in a post-pandemic world, there are a variety of implications to consider when scaling internationally.

Combining Data, Tech, and Processes

After lunch, Wolt’s Head of Marketing Automation, Adrian Gray, will take us through the three keys to marketing automation: data, tech, and processes. Adrian will explain what the right data is and how to get it, what problems you may be having and how to solve them with the right tech, and lastly, how CRM impacts the rest of your business.

Impactful Email Experiences Through Inclusivity and Accessibility

Then, in a SparkPost-sponsored session, Elliot Ross, of Taxi for Email by SparkPost, takes the floor to talk about inclusivity and accessibility in email marketing. In this session you’ll learn what steps your team needs to take to create an accessible, inclusive email marketing strategy that builds a better experience for all of your customers.

Track Takeaways

Like we mentioned, this track is meant to provide more tactical takeaways. You should leave most, if not all, of these sessions with actionable next steps to help you elevate your current marketing strategy. These sessions will talk about the technology involved in these processes and the results of implementing some of these marketing tactics. You’ll get a sense of the how and the why.

Ask questions, dig deeper, and network with other marketing professionals to create a list of things to try when you’re back at your desk.

Are You Keeping Track?

Phewf, that was a lot of information. And that’s only half of it! You’ll be able to bounce between this and the Marketing to the Modern Customer track to curate a conference that meets your needs. We’re all about personalisation.

Plus, there’s even more happening beyond these track sessions. In addition to a morning keynote, featuring some Iterable product news, we’ll also have two afternoon keynotes and a happy hour where you can mingle and mix with fellow marketing experts.

Don’t pass up on the opportunity to be part of the conversation! Register for Activate Summit Europe now.

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