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Activate Summit Europe

Activate Summit Europe: Marketing to the Modern Customer

We’re just over a week away from Activate Summit Europe. To help prep you, we thought it’d be nice to do a deep dive into each of the speaking tracks. We’ve already covered the “Building a Better Customer Experience” track, which offers more tactical, strategic content and, in this post, we’re going to focus on the “Marketing to a Modern Customer” track. In contrast, this track offers more thought leadership content. With external speakers in addition to customers and partners, this track offers outside perspectives to help spark inspiration.

That’s not all, though. To supplement our tracks, our keynote sessions will offer insights into Iterable, audience engagement, and email marketing. Let’s get a closer look at each keynote and the track sessions.

Delivering Joy at Scale

We’ll start the day with an Iterable-led keynote. We want to welcome you to Activate, share Iterable product news, and, of course, set expectations for the rest of the day. In our opening keynote, we’ll discuss how to create joyful interactions with your customers at the individual level and how the Iterable customer activation platform enables you to do so.

Engagement and Audience Connection in a Digital World: A Conversation with Fearne Cotton

She’s presented some of Britain’s biggest shows, and, after lunch, Fearne Cotton will take the Activate stage. Fearne has engaged with an audience of millions in a way few have. In this conversation, you’ll hear how she adapted to an increasingly digital world while maintaining an endearing, relatable connection of lasting impact. Join Fearne as she dives into what it takes for brands today to instill joy and happiness into their consumer-brand relationships.

What Makes a Really Good Email?

To close the day, you’ll hear from Really Good Email’s Head of Community, Matt Helbig, and Co-Founder, Mike Nelson. They’ll help answer the question “What makes a really good email?” In this interactive session, Matt and Mike will take a closer look at some of their favorite emails, show you how to bring joy in your emails, and even analyze a few audience members’ emails live.

Back on Track(s)

The bulk of the day, though, will be led by our speaker tracks. Each session is tailored to not only align with each speakers’ strengths, but tell a story as the day progresses. With everything from AI to humanising your brand, this track will provide the answers to your burning marketing questions.

Leverage CRM as a Hub for Strategic Customer Innovation

The first session in this track will be presented by UNiDAYS’ VP of Data & Insight, Tamara Castelli. Hyper-informed, hyper-connected consumers means massive expectations. It also means a lot more data for brands to work with. In this session, Tamara will show you how to activate this information and use data science in your CRM to improve campaign personalisation.

Getting Ahead: Harnessing AI to Improve the Customer Experience

We’ve only just scratched the surface of the benefits of AI for improving the customer experience. In this session, Katie King, Author and CEO of AI in Business, will cover the current landscape and core ethical considerations you have to take into account when incorporating AI in your marketing.

Humanising Your Brand for a Deeper Connection with Your Audience

At the end of the day, we’re all people, right? Toucan’s CEO, Matt Crate, will walk through what it means to humanise your brand and why it can have such an impact on building relationships and, eventually, your brand’s bottom line. Customers today are looking to identify the people behind the logos. Who is making the decisions? What does your brand really stand for? Matt will show you how.

How Tottenham Hotspur is Solving Data Chaos and Delivering a Data-Driven Fan Experience

In a joint partner and customer session, Michael Katz, CEO & Co-Founder of mParticle, and Adam Griffiths, CRM & Marketing Operations Manager of Tottenham Hotspur FC, discuss how customers can turn data chaos into data order with an adaptable, scalable customer data infrastructure. Plus hear how Tottenham is leveraging mParticle to accelerate their time to data value and personalize the fan experience.

Track Takeaways

This track is all about the big picture ideas. While “Building a Better Customer Experience” is all about the why and the how, this track focuses on the what and the who. What is the new trend, topic, or idea? Who should be trying it? Who does it impact? When leaving these sessions you should feel empowered and inspired to create marketing greatness.

On the Right Track

With two tracks, multiple sessions, and three keynote presentations, there’s a wealth of knowledge to be extracted from Activate Summit Europe.

If you’re already registered, you’re on the right track. In just over a week you’ll be at an in-person event in London, rubbing elbows with marketing professionals and experts. If you’re not registered, what are you waiting for?

Don’t pass up on the opportunity to be part of the conversation! Register for Activate Summit Europe now.

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