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Announcing the Finalists of the Iterable Expie Awards

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Maybe you wanted to be a firefighter, an astronaut, a professional athlete, or a doctor. Who wouldn’t dream of saving a puppy from a burning building, traveling to Mars, or sprinting under the lights at Wembley Football Stadium? Everyone wants to be a hero.

Rarely, however, do we hear kids say, “when I grow up, I want to be in marketing.”

But that’s about to change. Why? Because we think marketers are modern day superheroes. We have influence, the power to make lasting impressions, and we work hard to ensure campaigns matter to customers. And, like superheroes, we do most of this work behind the scenes.

Instead of a key to the city, or a television series, we’ve created our own award to give marketers their due.

The Iterable Expie Awards

Recently, we opened applications for the 2021 Iterable Expie Awards, designed to recognize and celebrate customers that leverage Iterable to power world-class customer experiences. From extraordinary customer engagement to authentic, empathetic connections, Expie Award nominees and winners raise the bar for marketers all over the world.

They’re the best of the best. The superheroes of customer experience.

The Iterable Expie award finalist list includes individuals and brands from around the world: A&E Networks, Booksy, Calm, Carvana, Coinbase, Drizly, Epic!, Fender, Go Auto, HoneyBook, Imperfect Foods, Judy Kaufman (Oportun), NBCUniversal, On the Beach, Patrick Mackie (Made Renovation), Priceline, Redbubble Inc., Sherise Fan (DoorDash), StreetEasy, UNiDAYS, WeTransfer, and Zoopla. Discover the finalists in each category in the infographic below!

We received many fantastic submissions for the six categories, and are thrilled to share the finalists from each:

Expie awards finalists

We’re honored to partner with the brands and marketing leaders who put consumers at the center of everything they do. But the excitement isn’t over yet.

On Tuesday, November 9, we’ll be announcing the overall category winners of the Iterable Expie Awards!

Think you have what it takes to win an Expie? Reach out to our team to find out more!

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