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It’s Inspiration Time: The Best Marketing Campaigns of 2020

In our “12 Days of Holidays” program, we asked the Iterable Community to nominate the best marketing campaigns of 2020, and our customers have spoken! 

Every campaign submitted deserved a shout-out, but these top five were especially awesome. Keep reading to see the winners so you can find your inspiration for the new year!

Drum Roll Please: The Best Marketing Campaigns of 2020

Best Onboarding: HealthyWage

HealthyWage uses cash prizes to make fitness more fun and effective by allowing users to make personalized bets to win up to $10,000.

According to Cora Martin, Sr. Marketing Manager at HealthyWage, the first message in this onboarding campaign educates users about the HealthyWage app, with calls to action to a beginner’s guide and the progress tracker. A secondary section encourages members to get social by visiting the blog and joining the brand’s Facebook page.

HealthyWage Onboarding Email

HealthyWage welcomes new users with relevant onboarding information.

We love that content leads the way in this message, providing immediate value to users as they navigate their app experience. The design is clean and simple, and based on user engagement with the various CTAs, HealthyWage can personalize future messages by their specific interests.

Best Confirmation: ConsumerAffairs

ConsumerAffairs offers information for consumers, such as news, ratings and reviews of products, as well as buyers guides and information on specific topics.

When a user requests more information on one of the hundreds of different brands represented on the site, ConsumerAffairs sends a confirmation email to inform them of what’s next in the process and showcase similar product categories.

ConsumerAffairs Confirmation Email

ConsumerAffairs achieves up to 40% open rates on this confirmation email.

The company has only been using Iterable for several weeks, but it’s already achieving amazing results. According to Ryan Glanzer, Email Marketing Manager at ConsumerAffairs, the team has quickly built out a complex Catalog, and even as they continue to warm up their IP, they’re seeing open rates at nearly 40% daily on this brand referral confirmation campaign. Congrats Ryan and team!

Best Promotion: Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery has set the standard for cold-pressed juice by providing millions of customers with healthy juice from California’s Central Valley.

This promotion was the favorite of Sonam Patel, West Coast Field Marketing Manager at Pressed Juicery, because it was a special feature of the brand’s wellness shots.

Pressed Juicery Promotion

Pressed Juicery puts wellness shots on display in this promotion.

We love the minimalist S-curve design that puts these products front and center, with subtle details like an ombre color scheme with shots ranging from light to dark. And each shot has a separate “Order Now” link, allowing for personalization based on the customer’s preferred press.

Best Personalization: The Dyrt

With air travel taking a nosedive this year, it’s no surprise that more folks packed up their RVs and hit the road instead. The Dyrt, the leading camping app and community for outdoor enthusiasts, delivered in a big way with personalized campaigns.

We just had to feature this weekly digest campaign in our RGE School session on metadata with Really Good Emails, because of all the highly personalized details in every single section.

The Dyrt Personalization

The Dyrt takes personalization to the max with this metadata-powered message.

Let’s just list off the goodness here, shall we?

  • Greeting by first name
  • Countdown to this month’s contest
  • Individual contest names, regions and prize descriptions
  • Leaderboard standings and points
  • User-specific camper level with stats on reviews, photos, videos, edits and other contributions

With the right technology, this advanced level of individualization becomes easier to accomplish, and The Dyrt uses the power of Iterable Catalog to create personalized messages and recommendations. This campaign may be promoting camping contests, but The Dyrt’s world-class personalization here is the real prize.

Best Overall: Drizly

Okay, technically we’re featuring not one, but TWO, marketing campaigns from Drizly, because much like most of the email marketing community, we could not get enough of their wit and creativity in 2020.

According to Kylie McCarthy, former Director of CRM at Drizly and one of Iterable’s Marketing Masters, the first campaign is one the team launched after they accidentally sent out a “personalized” email back in May, without any of the actual personalization—just a whole lot of “Lorem Ipsum.” But mistakes happen, and Drizly took the opportunity to show that their brand has a personality and a sense of humor with this apology email.

Best Marketing Campaigns of 2020 - Drizly Apology Email

Drizly wins over subscribers with this “oops” email.

From the eye-catching “lol, wtf was that” subject line, to blaming the dog, to offering the “LOREMIPSUM” promo code, this is exactly how a brand says sorry right. The response to this apology email was overwhelmingly positive, even creating some social media buzz and resulting in this Medium article by Jon Torrey. If you ever experience a marketing blunder, look no further than Drizly as a great example of how to handle it.

And in case you thought Drizly was done delighting the email marketing community this year, behold the best CTA we’ve seen in a long time: “Whoop Jared Is.”

Best Marketing Campaigns of 2020 - Drizly "Whoop Jared Is"

Hats off to you, Jared, and the rest of the Drizly marketing team!

With the subject line, “I’ve been here a year, so here’s $3” this email was impossible to ignore from the get-go and just kept getting better with each word, from the pandemic humor to “The Notebook” reference. We shared this glorious message with Women of Email, and it received over 200 likes and comments like, “This is the best email I’ve ever gotten and I had to show 3-4 people.”

Buh-Bye 2020

Even if you’re just counting down the days for 2020 to end, these marketing campaigns proved that silver linings do exist, and there was still so much to celebrate this year. We’re proud of all the marketers out there who pivoted their strategies, built new things, connected with empathy and made customers laugh along the way.

Cheers to you all—we at Iterable want to thank our customers for their support this year and wish everyone happy holidays. We’ll see you in 2021!

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