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Iterable's Partnership with Snowflake

Business Benefits of Iterable's Partnership with Snowflake

Earlier this month, we announced Iterable’s partnership with Snowflake. With this partnership, Iterable customers can securely share and access valuable first-party user data directly within their Snowflake account, removing the need to copy or move data across environments. This gives brands secure access to data and shared access across their organization. This is huge for democratizing access to data, increasing agility, and maximizing your data’s potential. 

To get even more insight into how this integration can benefit organizations and their customers, we sat down with Eva Murray, Senior Evangelist at Snowflake, and Farshad Miraftab, Director of Business Insights at Iterable. 

Below is a quick recap of some of the key points from our webinar, “The Data Differentiator: How Unified Data Unlocks Business Insights.” To get the full inside scoop, watch the webinar here.

Brand Challenges in a Digital World

With a massive digital transformation as a result of COVID-19, brands are having to adapt to a digital world faster than they may have planned to. With this accelerated transformation, brands are forced to consider how data can be accessible, flexible, and reliable. For accessibility, the focus is on de-siloing data, allowing for streamlined collaboration and access. With data flexibility, brands are looking to share their data quickly and efficiently, to react to changes in their business at a moment’s notice. And lastly, with data reliability, brands need to ensure their data is real-time, easily maintained, and scalable as their business grows. 

Data is a key player when it comes to brands differentiating themselves from competitors. In fact, 80% of brands use data as a differentiator and 75% do so by combining data from multiple sources. This is why having data that’s accessible, flexible, and reliable matters and why Iterable and Snowflake are partnering for success.

Iterable’s Partnership with Snowflake

With Iterable as a data source for marketing engagement, providing campaign event data to Snowflake, the Data Cloud that unifies data sources, brands can easily transform data into valuable insights for their business.

Snowflake and Iterable partnership

Data sources go from Iterable to the data warehouse, Snowflake, to third party tools for gathering insights.

On top of that, it’s much easier to democratize data if it’s all located in one essential place. Snowflake gives brands the ability to govern their data while making sure those who need access can easily get it. If everyone can use the data, you can more easily crowdsource ideas based on said data and develop new strategies to transform your business.

How Data Sharing Can Transform Your Business

There are four benefits to data sharing: democratize access, strengthen business relationships, maximize data ROI, and unlock new insights. 

Democratizing access is about giving everyone visibility into the data, but more than that, it helps elicit new ideas. If there’s diversity in who can access data, there will be diversity in the ideas that come viewing the data.

Strengthening business relationships comes as a result of transparency. If customers can also see the data you’re talking about, in a B2B relationship for example, both sides can collaborate to form ideas together. Trust is established between companies. 

When everyone is using a single platform you’re maximizing data ROI because the onboarding time is greatly reduced compared to onboarding multiple people to multiple platforms. So not only is your brand collecting vast amounts of data, it’s also much easier for everyone to use it. 

And lastly, you’ll unlock new insights. Because you’re democratizing the data, you have more opportunities to collect new ideas that teams who are in the data day-to-day may not have considered.

The Snowflake and Iterable Secure Data Sharing integration reduces complexity, provides a more comprehensive view of the customer, and allows for faster onboarding. With these new capabilities, your organizations can focus on building out strategies rather than trying to manually compile data or learn multiple tools. Now, you can really focus on creating a seamless customer experience. 

To take advantage of all of Eva and Farshad’s pearls of wisdom, watch the full webinar.

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