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Iterable and Snowflake Data Sharing Integration

Snowflake and Iterable Partner for Data Sharing Integration

Access to data plays a critical role for businesses and the customer experiences they create. Every day, businesses around the world need to share and access data to inform decisions, understand their customers, improve insights, and deliver personalized, relevant experiences in real-time. The challenge is, traditional data sharing methods are often costly, difficult to maintain, and inefficient for marketers to quickly find the right data, right when they need it, and take action.

Businesses that struggle to seamlessly share and manage data aren’t just missing opportunities to unlock deeper insights about their customers, they are also missing the opportunity to meet their customers in-the-moment to deliver individualized, authentic experiences.

Here at Iterable, our goal is to empower marketers by unifying their data, making it easy to activate and leverage its full potential. That is why we’re excited to announce a new partnership between Snowflake and Iterable and early access of Snowflake’s Secure Data Sharing for eligible customers.

What is Snowflake Data Sharing?

Unlike traditional data sharing methods, Snowflake Secure Data Sharing offers an innovative and proprietary way to securely share and access data. Built for the cloud, Snowflake’s unique architecture eliminates the complexities of sharing data, allowing data providers, like Iterable, to seamlessly and securely share data—through account-to-account shared views—with brands as data consumers.

With Secure Data Sharing, no actual data is copied or transferred between accounts. All sharing is accomplished through Snowflake’s unique services layer and metadata store. This is an important concept because it means that shared data does not take up any storage in your Snowflake account and, therefore, does not contribute to your company’s monthly data storage charges. The only charges incurred with Secure Data Sharing are for the compute resources used to query the shared data.

Even better, with a limitless number of creatable shares, you can confidently scale your business with Snowflake and never outgrow your data accessibility needs.

Benefits for Iterable Customers

With Snowflake’s Secure Data Sharing, Iterable customers on the Snowflake Data Cloud gain seamless access to their valuable first-party user data generated from Iterable directly within their Snowflake account, providing reliable and secure access to shared data.

Here are just three ways Snowflake Secure Data Sharing can help Iterable customers securely share and access data across your business and partner ecosystem more effectively and efficiently.

1. Unify Your Data and Unlock Its Full Potential

Collecting the right data is one thing, making it accessible and actionable is another. With Snowflake’s unique data sharing architecture, you can easily join Iterable campaign data with your other business and customer data in Snowflake to analyze behavioral patterns, power data visualization, enrich business insights, and give everyone in your organization access to the right data, right when they need it, to take action.

2. Reduce Cost and Eliminate Complex Data Pipelines

Reduce the risks, costs, and maintenance of traditional data sharing methods and eliminate the need to copy and move data. Instead, grant direct access to read-only data, seamlessly and securely—all without managing complex data pipelines. With a limitless number of creatable shares, you can confidently scale your business with Snowflake and only pay for the compute resources you use.

3. Intuitive Set-Up and Secure Access

Spend more time leveraging your data, not managing it. Snowflake’s consolidated platform handles data warehousing, protection, data sharing, and governance, resulting in turnkey setup and low maintenance. In addition, Snowflake Secure Data Sharing’s built-in permissions, revocable access, and governance controls makes it easy to manage access to data across your business.

The Snowflake + Iterable Partnership

Our partnership with Snowflake unleashes new possibilities for centralizing data, helping marketers fuel deeper business insights and create more data-centric experiences for customers. With more and more companies striving to create a 360-degree view of their customers by marrying various datasets together, we’re thinking of new data sharing opportunities to help marketers gain a more comprehensive understanding of their customers and business.

One exciting possibility is to offer brands the ability to benchmark their marketing performance against others by industry in Snowflake. By aggregating data—such as customer demographic (e.g, industry, region, tech-stack, digital maturity) and financial data (e.g., campaign spend)—brands can contextualize shared data to observe hidden trends, benchmarks, and trajectories.

Together, this partnership will empower brands with increased agility and new opportunities to transform data into valuable insights for their business.

To learn more about our partnership with Snowflake and our support of Snowflake Secure Data Sharing, check out our Partner page or sign up for a custom demo today.

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