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Char-iterable Volunteer Week: Our Time to Give Back

Two of our core values here at Iterable are humility and growth mindset. As part of these values, we created the Char-iterable volunteer program, which supports and invests in our employees’ personal growth by contributing to our local non-profits. 

We recognize that we are fortunate to be able to make an impact in San Francisco, Denver, New York City and beyond—thanks to the cross-country reach of our Iterable employees. 

And so, we like to dedicate some time each year to give back to our communities. In June, Char-iterable volunteer events included a full week of activities, from park restoration and meal prep to helping children get to school safely. 

Here are just a few highlights of our amazing week!

San Francisco Recreation and Parks

Our team joined forces with the folks at SF Recreation and Parks to clean all of the plant beds at Joe DiMaggio Playground, a park spanning two acres in the North Beach neighborhood.

SF Recreation and Parks

Iterable employees got in the dirt to help clean a local neighborhood.

Char-iterable Event SF Parks Quote

Denver Rescue Mission

The Denver Rescue Mission feeds over 1,200 homeless men, women and children three meals a day. The organization also has programs that aid community members in need of rehabilitation or transitional assistance.

Denver Rescue Mission volunteer day

The team had a great time preparing meals for the Denver community.

Char-iterable Denver Mission Quote

Safe Passage

With Safe Passage, our volunteer group assisted hundreds of seniors, children, and others needing assistance safely cross the street in San Francisco’s bustling Tenderloin neighborhood.

Safe Passage volunteer day in San Francisco

We did our best crossing guard impressions to help the citizens of the SF Tenderloin neighborhood.

Char-iterable Safe Passage Quote

The Char-iterable Volunteer Program

These are only a few of the events in which the Iterable team participated over the course of our volunteer week in June. 

In an effort to exemplify our values, we continually plan opportunities for Iterable employees to come together and support the causes they feel passionate about.

Feeling Char-iterable? We have over 20 open positions across departments, so come join our team and help build a better community with us!

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