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Iterable Aurora UX: Enhancements to Overview Pages, Folders, and More

A few weeks back we introduced Aurora, the next generation of Iterable’s User Experience, along with the three themes guiding this set of releases. We’re excited to announce the first updates for Templates, Campaigns, and Workflows Overview pages—plus a new Folders experience and enhancements to Messaging Insights—are set to go live tomorrow.

The name aurora comes from the natural phenomenon when particles from the sun meet molecules in Earth’s atmosphere to create a spectacular light display in the sky. With that in mind, Iterable Aurora User Experience (UX) brings together a world class data infrastructure and new, intuitive, approachable UI updates that power marketers to make dazzling experiences for customers.

With these updates—and a private Beta for our next generation Workflow Studio—Iterable customers can reach their most ambitious goals. Iterable Aurora UX makes it possible to work from where you are, collaborate more effectively, and improve efficiencies like never before.

Here’s a bit more about what’s in store for tomorrow’s release.

What to Expect From Tomorrow’s Launch

Overview Pages Reimagined

The next time you log in to Iterable, you’ll see brand new versions of our Campaigns, Workflows, and Templates Overview pages. We’ve simplified the layout and reorganized data into a digestible interface surfacing the right information at the right time. Plus, we’ve added brand new features to help you collaborate with your team—whether you’re in the same office or spread out across the globe. A few highlights:

  • An intuitive, fun design update that makes it easy to harness the full power of Iterable
  • Dedicated filters so you can easily find the content you need
  • A brand new folders experience to help you stay organized and collaborate
  • Information about who last modified a campaign, template, or workflow so you never miss a beat on what’s changing
  • Card-style layout option on Templates Overview for easier browsing
  • Simplified data and layout on Campaigns Overview, with quick links to analytics so you can monitor performance

Let’s dive into each one and take a look at our other enhancements coming tomorrow.

Campaigns Overview

Iterable Aurora Campaigns Overview Page

A sneak peek at our new Campaigns Overview page

The Campaigns page is your home base in Iterable. It gives you a high-level look at all your past, current and future marketing campaigns so you can understand your content marketing efforts at a glance. We’ve updated the design of this page and added some new features to make it easier than ever for you to organize and manage your campaigns.

Templates Overview

Iterable Aurora Templates Overview

A sneak peek of the new Templates Overview page

Managing the creative process can be a bit challenging, whether you’re sitting next to your colleagues or collaborating with teams across the globe. Iterable’s new Templates Overview offers robust search and filter capabilities, last modified information, and a card style template view that makes it easier than ever to browse and find the content you need. 

Workflows Overview

Workflows Sneak Peek

A sneak peek of the new Workflows Overview page

Workflows are where the magic happens, and where your customer journey truly comes to life. Our new Workflows Overview provides key data so you can easily manage all of your workflows, ensuring you never miss a beat. Similar to our other pages, we’ve implemented new features such as collaboration details, search and filtering capabilities, and a fun, intuitive design. 

Folder Enhancements

Another exciting collaboration enhancement is our new foldering functionality. You shouldn’t have to dig for the campaign you’re trying to hand off to a teammate, or that template you need a designer to take a look at. Folders allows you to create an organized workspace within your Campaigns, Templates, and Workflows Overview pages. Seconds add up, yours shouldn’t be spent finding the content you need.

Messaging Insight Enhancements

MI Enhancements

A look at Messaging Insights enhancements

Earlier this year, we released a brand new campaign analytics page—Messaging Insights. We improved our analytics capabilities as a platform and enabled our customers to monitor, compare, and hone in on performance metrics at a glance and discover key performance trends.

We’re excited to bring the next iteration of Messaging Insights to customers tomorrow offering additional filter criteria and a new filter experience to improve the way customers view, monitor, and compare performance across campaigns.

We know data is your source of truth. To empower marketers, our additional functionality includes filtering campaigns by labels, workflows, message types, and across channels to refine and select the right campaigns easier and with more granularity.

Stay Tuned!

Workflow Studio Private Beta Sneak Peek

Workflows Private Beta

A look at our Private Beta

Workflows are an essential part of providing your customers seamless, personalized interactions with your brand. We’ve been hard at work rebuilding our Workflow Studio from the ground up to make creating and editing your workflows easier than ever, and couldn’t be more excited to announce that we’re now moving into Limited Private Beta!

The new Workflow Studio has:

  • An all-new design, with beautiful new components and faster load times.
  • Reorganized layout of workflow components making things easier than ever to find and utilize.
  • New collaboration functionality to take on the future of work

Make sure to stay tuned as we release more information regarding Beta participation, and new sneak peeks of what’s to come!

A Major Step Forward

These releases mark a major milestone for Iterable, and we couldn’t be more excited to get everything into the hands of our customers.

Aurora came to be as a way to more effectively empower marketers facing new expectations from consumers. Brands are now tasked with building deeply personalized customer journeys that draw a spectacle of surprise and delight. They’re reaching individuals where they are and when they need it—whether that’s walking down the street, in a store, out biking, or struggling to get off the couch.

Iterable Aurora UX, which we’re rolling out over the next year and beyond starting with this first launch, further solidifies Iterable as the world-class marketing platform bringing data, creativity, and efficiency together for marketers across the world.

This is only the beginning of the Iterable Aurora User Experience project. We have a host of exciting enhancements coming this year and next that will empower you to reach your goals wherever you and your team are with greater efficiency and speed.

To learn more about Iterable and how brands are leveraging it today, make sure to schedule a demo with our team today!


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