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Iterable Named Best Overall Marketing Automation Platform

We’re proud to share that Iterable has been selected as a winner in the fourth annual MarTech Breakthrough Awards program, taking home the “Best Overall Marketing Automation Platform” award for our Workflow Studio! The MarTech Breakthrough Awards recognizes the best companies, technologies, products, and services in the field of Marketing, Ad & Sales Technology.

The martech industry is helping brands navigate challenging shifts as organizations are forced to dramatically alter how they engage with their audiences, completely transforming the customer journey. We are passionate about what marketing can do in a digital world, and are ecstatic to be recognized alongside other standout martech companies and products.

Customer Experience: The New Battleground for Brands

Brands have long been transforming themselves to adapt to the new connected realities of today’s consumer, embracing digital at a steady pace. But, as we know, COVID-19 changed things, pushing the digital wave forward a few decades.

Forced to embrace ecommerce to safely shop, consumers now rely on their online devices at every step of the buying journey⁠—from discovery to purchase and item tracking. The strain of isolation and fear of the unknown during the pandemic further shifted consumer predilections away from the salesy and towards the sentimental.

Customers now expect brands to understand them as humans and deliver individualized, authentic experiences to build deeper connections in relation to what they’re doing anytime, anywhere and via the channels and devices of their choosing. It’s why products and price are no longer competitive differentiators⁠—customer experience is, and, as a result, it has become the new battleground for brands.

Automating Excellent Experiences: Workflow Studio

Businesses that enhance customer experiences will gain a competitive edge and build stronger customer loyalty and retention.

To help marketers in their quest to enhance customer experience, we built an intuitive customer journey builder Workflow Studio (a key piece of our MarTech Breakthrough Awards win). An easy to use, drag-and-drop campaign creation interface, Workflow Studio automates message coordination seamlessly across email, mobile (push, in-app, SMS), web push, social, and direct mail.

With Workflow Studio, marketers can:

  • Create sophisticated messaging workflows and leverage real-time user, demographic, behavioral, and custom event data to instantly trigger individualized messaging and campaigns.
  • Develop personalized messaging across different channels and enhanced engagement along every step of the customer journey.
  • Target individual customers with relevant communications, enabled by advanced segmentation and filtering capabilities within Workflow Studio
  • Deliver the right messages, to the right people, every time.
  • Activate workflow logic to interpret customers’ actions, behaviors, and preferences using workflow logic that guide customers to next step of their journeys.

Workflow Studio, like all of our products and features, was developed with the modern marketer in mind. The intuitive tool enables the rapid creation of automated, sophisticated, multi-step campaigns in less time without the help of developers and marketing technologists.

Further augmenting the efficacy and utility of Workflow studio are features like:

  • Send Time Optimization (STO), an AI-powered sending feature in Iterable, automatically determines the best time to send an email for optimal engagement based on a user’s historical behavior. By analyzing patterns in previous open and click behavior, STO automatically personalizes the send time of an email for each recipient to reach their inbox when they are most likely to engage.
  • Workflow Webhooks, which seamlessly send data to the different technologies and processes powering marketing operations to keep data flowing throughout your stack. Application flexibility means marketing versatility.
  • Workflow Analytics, which marketers use to monitor their workflow performance over time at specific points of the journey and identify workflow nodes that are candidates for improvement or further testing. This enables teams to replicate successful workflows for future campaigns.

Workflow Studio makes it easier to adapt to consumer changes by giving marketers the flexibility and automation to engage with customers in real-time. With digital transformation occurring at breakneck speeds, Workflow Studio helps marketers keep pace with a changing world.

Always Optimizing

As a leader in G2’s Marketing Automation Report for four consecutive years, Iterable has a proven track record of excellence in the field. Feedback from customers in the most recent G2 report provides a final proof point to Iterable’s marketing automation leadership, “Iterable is an incredibly powerful marketing automation platform…The potential it creates for personalization is really incredible.”

Our mission—to connect people to the products that bring them joy— drives us to continuously innovate. Products like Workflow Studio, which complement the work of the modern and creative marketer, support our quest to become not just the Best Marketing Automation Platform, but the Best Marketing Platform for our customers.

We’re humbled to be honored with this award, but the work does not stop here! Our team has been hard at work developing solutions to further empower marketers to create incredible experiences for their customers. Part of these enhancements also include exciting changes coming to Workflow Studio! Make sure to stay tuned to see what’s coming next.

To see how Iterable’s marketing automation platform can help your brand achieve your cross-channel goals, request a demo today.

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