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Iterable Partner Cooperative

The Iterable Partner Cooperative: a Solutions Partner Program

At Iterable, we deeply believe in the sentiment of better together, and our journey as a company has been enriched by the customers and partners that are foundational to our Iterable community. Earlier today, we announced that we surpassed 1,000 Iterable customers around the world.

With the ever-evolving landscape of the economy, technologies, data, privacy, consumer needs, and more, keeping up is no easy feat. Companies are challenged to navigate and adapt to the rapidly changing environment, make sense of data chaos, integrate and implement new technologies, and craft seamless, personalized customer journeys that build brand-consumer relationships. That, or risk having fractured customer experiences, missed opportunities, and negative impacts on revenue.

Because of this, having a network of trusted experts and advisors to support our customers’ endeavors is all the more important—and a testament to why we’re truly better together. It’s also why we’re excited to launch the Iterable Partner Cooperative, our partner program dedicated to supporting and expanding our ecosystem of solutions partners.

The Iterable Partner Cooperative

Our network of solutions partners—including Indicia, Mammoth Growth, Ragnarok, Shaw/Scott, and Tinuiti—advise on strategy, architect best-in-class tech stacks, and help implement our customer activation platform, empowering customers to innovate and deliver joyful experiences with harmonized, individualized, and dynamic communications at scale.

The Partner Cooperative was developed to support solutions partner success with shared resources, tools, and training, as well as connect customers with a curated network of experts and advisors.

The Power of Partnership

From freelancers to full-service digital agencies, our Partner Cooperative is designed to benefit all who are involved. By ensuring that our partners have access to key resources, everyone succeeds—including all of our customers. Let’s dig into the numerous benefits of the Iterable Partner Cooperative.

Go Cross-Channel with Ease

Help your clients orchestrate frictionless, personalized customer journeys across email, SMS, in-app messages, mobile push notifications, web push, social, and more—all from one platform.

Achieve Faster Time-to-Value

Time is precious for both you and your clients. Implement with speed, easily leverage integrations from our extensive partner ecosystem, and empower your clients to launch sophisticated, targeted campaigns quickly and at scale.

Let Marketers Market

Create, execute, and iterate towards world-class experiences without reliance on technical teams. On behalf of your clients, develop personalized customer journeys powered by free-flowing data that’s unified and made actionable within Iterable.

Drive Joint Client Growth

Iterable’s Partner Cooperative allows you to differentiate and grow your business by delivering results to your customers like increased engagement, conversions, and lifetime value (LTV).

Be Set Up For Success

We’re committed to your success and empowering you as our partner. That means access to product training, strategic guidance, technical support, and more.

Count on Our Support

Your dedicated partner manager is here to provide continuous support with the tools and resources you need to achieve your goals.

Let’s Partner Up

We’re in it for the long haul. Whether it’s client referrals or co-marketing activities, we look forward to partnering with you on opportunities that drive growth in both the near and long term.

Learn more about the Partner Cooperative’s benefits, or apply now to get details about the program requirements and tiers.

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