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By the Numbers: Omni-Channel Marketing in Retail

You’ve all heard by now why omni-channel marketing is critical to a brand’s success: retailers with omni-channel strategies see 30% higher customer lifetime values and 23X higher rates of customer satisfaction.

But how are retailers actually implementing these strategies in 2018?

In our recent report, Developing a One-to-One Customer Conversation: Omni-Channel Marketing Challenges and Solutions for Today’s Modern Retailer, we’ve published our findings regarding the status quo of digital marketing within the industry.

Based on survey results from 300 North American retail executives, this report takes a deep dive into the minds of retailers and explores the past, present, and future of omni-channel marketing.

Inside, you’ll find intriguing statistics about several key topics:

  • Changes in marketing spend
  • Planned marketing technology investments
  • Top performing channels
  • Most common marketing KPIs

As a helpful explainer, we’ve put together an infographic featuring a few of the most compelling insights. Click on the image below to zoom in and download a copy for yourself.

Iterable Omni-Channel Marketing in Retail Report Infographic

Source: Iterable

As you can see, retailers recognize the potential value that omni-channel marketing can bring to drive growth, but the path forward is not without its roadblocks.

Until retail executives are able to improve organizational alignment and adopt a data-centric marketing mindset, true omni-channel customer engagement will be more wish than reality.

Get the full picture by downloading the complete report today.

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