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Top U.K. Retailers: Who’s Got the Proper Fit?

Much like the rest of the global fashion industry, there is quite the brawl happening in the United Kingdom for brand supremacy within retail and e-commerce. With £32.3 billion at stake, it’s no wonder considering how lucrative the fashion retail industry is in the U.K. 

The struggle for brands is standing above the crowd.

Since consumers can’t possibly interact with every retailer, it’s up to marketers to earn that extra sliver of the spotlight. 

To get that extra visibility, marketers must master the Goldilocks Effect by honing their messaging strategy. They have to put the right information in front of consumers without over- or underwhelming them

The key is using behavioral data to create one-to-one conversations with each individual subscriber—at a massive scale.

By embracing cross-channel marketing and focusing on hyper-personalized content, marketers can master cadence, channel type, and more to create a cohesive customer experience.

User Engagement Teardown: U.K. Retail

In our last User Engagement Teardown, we looked at a few American retailers. This time around, we hopped across the pond to check out four leaders in the U.K. retail and e-commerce market: Marks & Spencer, ASOS, boohoo, and Topshop. We wanted to understand how each brand addressed customer preferences and kept users engaged with their online stores. 

Our research consisted of subscribing to each retailer’s communications for a two-week span—the last week of May and the first week of June, including the May 27th Bank Holiday. 

During these two weeks, we registered for an account on each site and increased our level of activity. We completed our profiles, downloaded their mobile apps, browsed promotional deals and abandoned our shopping carts.

After analyzing the content of all messages received, we identified what these businesses are doing well and what areas could use improvement.

(Note: if you can’t see the embedded SlideShare, make sure to turn off any ad blockers!)

Note: Marks & Spencer, ASOS, boohoo, and Topshop are not Iterable customers.

You can also see our past comparative teardowns (including a look at the home decor industry and a Black Friday showdown) on our Resources page.

Learn even more about cross-channel engagement in the retail industry with our 2019 All Things Retail Report

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