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Iterable Roundup, Pt. 2: Cross-Channel Campaigns

It’s time for a cross-channel roundup. We have so many excellent examples of how our customers use Iterable, we figured we’d compile some—this time, by strategy.

We’ve already put together some industry-based roundups, like this list of retail case studies, so we’re continuing this series by compiling some cross-channel marketing case studies. After all, 72% of consumers say they would rather connect with brands and businesses through multiple channels.

Let’s dive into these examples that demonstrate how Iterable (and our partners) can help brands make an impact with their customers.

1. SeatGeek

SeatGeek, the live entertainment platform rethinking ticketing, struggled to deliver consistent, relevant cross-channel messages using separate email and push notification platforms. Besides being cumbersome, the platforms didn’t support the marketing team’s AI-driven, cross-channel strategy to reach customers through SMS, in-app messages, and social media.

SeatGeek adopted Iterable to consolidate communications, and now delivers highly-personal content reflecting users’ past purchases, location, online behaviors, and event-driven activities, which drives loyalty and repeat engagement. Combining communications with their unique entertainment suggestions, and connecting with customers where they are, SeatGeek produces better experiences for everyone.


  • Consolidation of all email and push interactions onto a single platform ensures consistent messaging across channels.
    • 3x increase in revenue from email and push
  • Easy-to-use interface allows marketers to create highly granular customer segments and complex journeys without engineering help.
  • Data feeds enable precise targeting and personalization of messages, which enhances customer loyalty and encourages repeat business.
  • Testing provides insight into which campaigns and channels work best, improving decisions on how to allocate marketing spend.

Read the full case study.

2. The Athletic

The Athletic subscription news service delivers sports stories and analyses that bring fans closer to games, their favorite leagues, and teams. As their subscriber base quickly expanded, the manual, time-intensive email platform couldn’t support a hyper-personal, cross-channel experience.

Iterable’s segmentation, testing, reporting capabilities, cross-channel delivery, and scalability were a silver bullet for their teams (CRM, Editorial, Social, and Programming) to create campaigns that engage and make customers happy. To onboard subscribers, they use data feeds to send personalized welcome and follow-up communications. For all subscribers—whether they use the mobile app, podcast, free newsletter, or go online—unique emails feature season previews or real-time news for their favorite teams and leagues, and push notifications keep them informed during events or on the go.


  • Greater marketing efficiencies from improved data collection, analysis, and more automated campaign workflows means The Athletic is activating 10 new user journeys in 2022.
  • Easy-to-execute campaign testing and creative capabilities support more personal, targeted user communications that increase click-through and conversion rates.
    • 2x click-through rates with personalized vs. non-personalized campaigns
    • 127% lift in subscriber click rate
    • 70% higher click rate between the welcome email and the next best performing email
  • Stronger campaign performance from deeper user segmentation, communication scheduling tied to key moments, and more data-driven intelligence.

Read the full case study.

3. Box

Box, which enhances employee and partner collaboration with its cloud content management, collaboration, and file sharing tools, needed to scale and personalize communications from thousands of business administrators to millions of end users. Operating with a lean team focused on this goal, they wanted a solution that can execute campaigns at massive scale.

Iterable supported and increased Box user adoption by facilitating unique, data-driven onboarding campaigns. Iterable’s API and flexible data model makes it possible to create and send personalized messages as users also reach certain event milestones and take action.


  • Personalization engages customers more effectively, strengthening relationships with enterprise customers. Higher engagement among users has increased user adoption by 10%.
  • Lifecycle Campaign Composition enables the team to get new campaigns ready for rollout to Box’s global user community
    5 times faster.
  • Marketers have enhanced segmentation and personalization by combining Iterable data with data from Salesforce and other marketing tools.

Read the full case study.

4. Fender

Countless musicians use Fender equipment to ignite their songs, but inspiration fades for artists, triggering customer retention challenges. As a result, three mobile apps including Fender Play™, Fender Tune™, and Fender Tone™, plus a direct-to-consumer business and e-commerce channel, were developed. Having different properties, Fender user data was dispersed, and with a siloed tech stack, marketing couldn’t easily track and use it for meaningful experiences to increase retention.

With Iterable, Fender unified its data and uncovered engagement opportunities or where customers dropped off. It now powers their cross-channel campaigns to influence offline behavior with online engagement, prompting customers to start free trials, use their apps, and purchase products.


  • Fender has seen improvements in retention of a month-to-month paying user because of engagement with videos.
  • 89% of users watch a video on their first day.
  • Through a personalized onboarding experience, Fender has seen an increase in engagement, encouraging people to watch more videos, learn more guitar, and then stick around as a paying member.

Read the full case study.

5. CoinStats

CoinStats is a popular cryptocurrency portfolio management platform, securely managing crypto and DeFi portfolios in one spot, which makes buying, selling, and tracking assets easier. But with inherent friction involved in onboarding to a new financial service, there’s often hesitation to start or reservation about sensitive data being secure. The result for CoinStats: high abandonment rates as timid new users dropped before connecting their portfolios.

Reducing drop offs takes real-time response so lifecycle marketing initiated a re-engagement campaign, powered by Iterable. It triggers personalized push notification minutes after abandonment occurs followed by email and in-app messages reinforcing CoinStats’ value. With cross-channel orchestration easier and real-time re-engagement more impactful, relationship-building moments happen more often, improving user satisfaction and activity.


  • With a tailored, cross-channel re-engagement campaign, CoinStats achieved a 35% decrease in abandonment rates and a 20% increase in user activity.
  • Personalized push notifications resulted in a 2x increase in open rates compared to their non-personalized counterparts.
  • Shifting the tone of their communications from promotional to transactional increased push open rates by nearly 50%.
  • Integrating Iterable with Amplitude provided unparalleled visibility into A/B testing, down-funnel analytics, and campaign performance.

Read the full case study.

Creating a Cross-Channel Community

These brands’ challenges may sound familiar, but by embracing a customer communication platform that brings together customer data, they have the ability to design personal experiences. By delivering communications across channels they’ve seen deeper customer connections, empowered marketing teams, improved key performance indicators (KPIs), a stronger bottom line, and more.

To learn how Iterable can help your brand save time and money with cross-channel marketing strategies, schedule a demo today.

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