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Iterable SMS

Individualized text messaging with unmatched channel orchestration

Unlock the full cross-channel potential of your text messaging programs with a modern suite of SMS/MMS tools and services—all at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. Leading brands rely on Iterable SMS to supercharge acquisition, loyalty, and revenue with the world’s most used messaging channel.

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Unify and activate customer data to deliver best-in-class SMS

Your text messaging solution doesn’t have to cause data gaps or fragmented customer experiences. By bringing together market leading SMS/MMS functionality with real-time customer data and channel orchestration, Iterable SMS closes the ever-problematic ‘activation gap.’ Create joyful SMS experiences that continue seamlessly across channels—without ever losing connection.

Perfect for: Integrating SMS seamlessly into your cross-channel campaigns and lifecycle programs, triggering text messages based on customer actions across channels, and adding in-flight A/B testing to standalone or multichannel SMS campaigns—all within a simple no-code interface.

Build dynamic SMS audiences for deeper personalization

Create dynamic customer segments based on real-time SMS engagement and behavioral data so you can confidently target your customers with the perfect message at the perfect moment—at scale.

Perfect for: Leveraging UTMs, handlebars, snippets, and data feeds to individualize text messages based on your customers’ preferences, actions, and attributes.

Modern toolset for SMS compliance and list growth

A full suite of SMS compliance and acquisition tools enables you to stay TCPA, CTIA, and CAN-SPAM compliant while optimizing the growth of your subscriber base.

Perfect for: Growing your SMS audience with segmented offers across existing channels, sending opt-in requests with automated single-word confirmation and reply, dynamically including compliant opt-out language, and ensuring opt-outs are immediately processed and tracked so you can analyze and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Prove ROI with native SMS revenue tracking

SMS is often more expensive than email or push notifications, so justifying spend and proving incremental value is critical. Unlike many competing solutions, Iterable SMS comes with a powerful native shortlink builder enabling you to attribute revenue to SMS campaigns with a 360° view into broader cross-channel impact.

Perfect for: Creating branded shortlinks, deep linking to other content, triggering a customer journey off of an SMS click, and easily attributing conversions with over 20 trackable metrics out of the box.

New to SMS marketing?

Read this!

We’ve just released a comprehensive SMS Strategy Guide that demystifies the challenges around SMS and provides step-by-step guidance (both strategic and tactical) for building, launching, and optimizing a text messaging program catered to your organization’s — and your customers’—specific needs.


Strategic SMS support and services

As an included benefit of Iterable SMS, we work with you to define and implement your various SMS use cases. We do the legwork to register and stand up your numbers, plus we’re always on-hand to troubleshoot issues and optimize for deliverability.

We’ve also got your back with a paid SMS Strategy Package, where Iterable experts provide personalized plans and hands-on guidance around SMS acquisition, opt-in & opt-out handling, cross-channel optimization, and advanced goal/revenue tracking.

Perfect for: Seamless onboarding and ongoing support, with the option to work with our Strategic Services Team to build your brand’s SMS playbook and translate it into executable cross-channel campaigns and journeys.

Drive measurable ROI for less money – and with fewer sends.

Iterable SMS is competitively priced in the market and includes a simplified pricing structure, usage reports, and transparent invoicing, so you can launch and scale your text message programs with precision—for less. With dynamic segmentation and personalization, you don’t have to rely on sending batch and blast SMS campaigns which are both expensive and ineffective.

Perfect for: Taking the guesswork out of your monthly bills and making it easy to manage budgets. Consolidate with Iterable and improve your ROI, all while keeping SMS in complete lockstep with your other core marketing channels.

MeUndies is pushing the boundaries of text messaging marketing with Iterable. Watch their Activate ’22 session to see how they’ve:


  • Supercharged engagement with highly personalized, keyword-based SMS onboarding experiences and cross-channel journeys
  • Increased overall SMS conversions through campaign experimentation (live-testing variations on send time, imagery, brand name inclusion, etc.)
  • Leaned on SMS to forge deeper relationships, humanize their brand, and create market distinction


Leading brands use Iterable SMS


Under the Hood

Automatic SMS Link Shortening – Detection & shortening of SMS/MMS links

Dynamic SMS Personalization– UTMs, handlebars, snippets & data feeds

Custom Domain Support – Create branded and personalized tracking URLs

Native Revenue Tracking – Track conversion / revenue on embedded SMS links 

SMS Keyword Reply – Trigger custom actions off keyword replies

Major Number Type Support – Short code, long code (10DLC), alphanumeric

Compliant Opt-In & Opt-Out – Custom opt-in/out management settings

Full MMS Support – Include interactive content like images or GIFs

Journey Building – Trigger individualized journeys from an SMS click

Compliance & Security – Compatibility with HIPAA standards

Built-in Implementation Support – Number registration, troubleshooting, etc.

SMS Verified Contact Cards – Send brand contact directly via SMS

Smart Billing & Reporting – Visibility into message type & segments

SMS Phone Verification – Additional authentication layer

Quiet Hours for SMS – Configure delayed SMS sends for compliance

SMS Smart Opt-In (coming soon) – Simple SMS opt-in across channels

See all this and more. Get a demo!

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