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SMS Marketing Round Up

Your Go-To Guide for SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is becoming a necessity for brands. Being able to reach customers where they are—with a highly relevant message—is key to creating a fully harmonized, individualized customer experience.

As a result of becoming a highly coveted channel, there’s a lot of information available about SMS marketing. Rather than scouring the web, we thought it would be easier to just give you the best of the best SMS marketing resources in one list. Feel free to bookmark and save for later.

That said, if you’re curious to learn more about SMS marketing, subscribe using the button in the nav bar, and if you’re curious about SMS with Iterable, a demo is a great start.

1. The Savvy Marketer’s Guide to Building a Stellar SMS Strategy

We partnered with Telnyx to create a guide that’s meant to help brands determine what they need to create a winning SMS strategy. This whitepaper focuses not only on what your brand needs to be successful, but what customers are expecting and how to do it with Iterable and Telnyx. Remember, your SMS strategy is only as good as your customers think it is.

Great for: Helping you get started with an SMS marketing strategy.

2. The Current State of Mobile Marketing

SMS marketing is part of the broader mobile marketing landscape. This interactive whitepaper will give you a high-level overview of the importance of mobile marketing, where it’s been, and where it’s going. You’ll get a sense of the overarching mobile ecosystem as well as steps to help you determine your fit in the mobile marketing world. (Pssst: if that’s not enough, we also have a webinar titled “The State of Mobile Marketing!”)

Great for: Getting a broader sense of where mobile marketing—as a whole—stands today and where it’s going tomorrow.

3. What is SMS Marketing?

No better place to start than from the beginning. This quick article gives a definition of SMS marketing and some stats. It also helps explain when brands should use SMS marketing and how it can be part of a broader cross-channel marketing strategy.

Great for: Going back to basics and getting a no-frills definition of SMS marketing.

4. Plus One: How Adding SMS Benefits Your Marketing

If your brand already has an established marketing strategy but SMS isn’t part of it, this article dives into how adding SMS can be beneficial. “SMS marketing is about tapping into one of the currently most used communication methods. It’s a direct line to your users where they are spending a significant—sometimes the majority—amount of their time.”

Great for: Understanding the benefits of adding SMS marketing to your existing marketing strategy.

5. How to Personalize SMS Messages

After getting a crash course in SMS marketing and understanding the benefits of adding it to your strategy, this article will give you tips on how to personalize the messages. Sending texts to customers is one thing, but having them align with what each individual wants and needs is something completely different. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to connect with your customers because your SMS messages aren’t personalized.

Great for: Getting tips on individualizing SMS marketing messages and understanding why personalization is so important for this marketing channel.

6. SMS Marketing Series

a. Part I: Opting In and Out

The first step in sending personalized SMS messages to customers is getting them to opt in. Without an opt-in it’s actually illegal to send customers SMS marketing messages. On the flipside, you also have to give customers a way out once they’ve opted-in.

b. Part II: SMS Keywords

Using SMS keywords can help brands personalize their customers’ SMS experience. By allowing customers to send short keywords as a response, you can tailor future content while collecting vital preference data.

c. Part III: Optimizing SMS ROI

It’s hard to get buy-in from other team members without being able to deliver ROI. This article will help brands determine which metrics to look at to determine their SMS marketing return.

d. Part IV: SMS Preferences by Generation

Each generation has different preferences when it comes to the SMS marketing messages they want to receive. This article takes a look at each generation, what they prefer, and why.

Great for: A deep dive into multiple aspects of SMS Marketing, from opt-in to generational trends.

7. 4 Focus Areas of SMS Marketing Compliance

A huge part of incorporating SMS marketing into your marketing strategy is understanding the rules and regulations that surround the channel. This article covers the why behind opt-ins and opt-outs as well as why brands need to set expectations for SMS marketing programs and why brands need to respect “quiet hours.” If you’re looking to better understand SMS regulations, this is the article for you.

Great for: A look at the laws and regulations around SMS marketing if you want to be sure your brand is abiding by the rules.

8. 5 Last-Minute Email and SMS Marketing Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

What would an October article be without a nod to the holidays. While not as evergreen as the rest of the resources in the roundup, this webinar is helpful for the end of the year. Here we spoke with experts from Tinuiti and Yotpo to explore how brands should build out a promotional calendar and take the heavy lift off of marketing teams by automating messaging—all while maintaining relevant, personalized messaging.

Great for: Preparing for the holidays. This webinar can help your brand plan for the upcoming season and plan your promotional calendar.

So Much SMS Marketing

There’s a lot here. But imagine scouring the web for all of this versus having it in this neat, compact roundup? Basically, what we’re trying to say is…you’re welcome. All the SMS marketing content you could ever need is right here, in one spot. We’ll definitely be coming up with some more SMS marketing content in the future, so be sure to check back in for updates.

If you’re interested in seeing how Iterable can help incorporate mobile channels into your marketing strategy, schedule a demo today.


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