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Drive Outcomes with Harmonized Cross Channel Experiences

Dream, build, make. Design sophisticated, personalized journeys that respond to your customers’ every move. Plot the course, deliver the content and grow engagement as experiences unfold.

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Create Joyful Experiences at Scale

Studio is an easy to use, drag-and-drop campaign creation interface that automates message coordination seamlessly across channels: email, mobile (push, in-app, SMS), web push, social, and direct mail. If you can dream it, you can build it in Studio, without the need for code. Launch tailored messaging across different channels and enhance engagement along every step of the customer journey.

Build Campaigns That Engage Throughout the Entire Customer Journey

Design the journey, build the campaigns, and automate customer progression from first capture through repeat conversion. Journey logic interprets your customers’ actions, behaviors and preferences before guiding them toward the next best step of their journeys.

Send the Right Message at the Right Time to the Right Person

Studio has built-in intelligence to ensure you’re delivering the right messages, to the right people, every time. Advanced segmentation and filtering capabilities enable you to granularly target customers with relevant communications. With Iterable you don’t need to wonder what’s possible – if you can dream it, you can build it.

Evaluate Detailed Analytics

See detailed message performance analytics inside Studio to fine-tune communications that delight customers and drive success. Studio offers multiple tools for evaluating the in’s and out’s of messaging effectiveness: adjust message-level resonance, calibrate Journey progression, measure campaign proficiency, and assess lifecycle efficacy holistically.

Collaborate Better with Notes

Building delightful customer journeys is a team effort. Notes let you add comments and questions to a journey to collaborate with your teammates. Explain how a stage of the journey works, or remind your team not to disconnect a certain tile—with just a few clicks!

Streamline Your Marketing Processes

Your business is unique and your marketing is, too. Journey Webhooks seamlessly connect to the different technologies and processes powering marketing operations to keep data flowing throughout your stack. Application flexibility means marketing versatility: share data with BI tools, integrate with NPS tools, trigger actions in Zapier, automate phone calls with Twilio, send data back to your servers, and much more.

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Seamless Team Collaboration

Create the collaborative environment that suits your organization in a matter of clicks. Define the key roles, permissions and levels of platform access that empower different user teams to thrive.

Drag and Drop Interface

An intuitive drag and drop interface enables marketers to design, build, launch, and test cross-channel campaigns as easily as arranging items on your favorite device.

Real-Time Editing & Messaging

Make instantaneous workflow changes with real-time editing capabilities. Remove friction and create new paths and experiments all with a constant view of campaign performance.

I’ve definitely enjoyed using the new studio design. The more modern layout is easier on the eye and it  feels a lot more intuitive to use. The bigger journey space is great and I really like that campaign analytics are available to see within the journey. The ability to add notes to them is a cool feature too.

Kyran Pick, Marketing Executive @ heycar

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