Iterable for Subscription Services

Subscription services and freemium products have unique marketing and messaging challenges: convert free users, maintain subscribers’ interest, minimize churn and re-activate lapsed users. Iterable helps you across the board.

Start On The Right Foot

You’ve invested in acquiring a subscriber, make sure they know what to expect from your service and know how to engage further.

If you have free users you want to convert, keep them engaged with reasonable, but consistent offers that maximize their chance of turning into subscribers.

Keep Subscribers Engaged

Different subscribers will have different engagement preferences. Where possible, let them select engagement frequency and channel preferences.

Segment your subscribers based on behavior and spend, and A/B test campaigns to understand what drives the highest lifetime value.

Reduce Subscriber Churn

Churn is the bane of a subscription business. Reduce churn by keeping a close eye on your subscribers’ engagement and targeting campaigns accordingly.

Have a segment that hasn’t come back in the last 30 days? Ping them via push notification or SMS. They haven’t opened your newsletter in a few weeks? Check in with an attention-getting subject line.

Reactivate Subscribers

Some subscribers will end up churning, no matter what you do. That doesn’t mean you can’t get them back with well executed marketing.

Craft a campaign that messages past subscribers after a certain time has passed. Or segment past subscribers to identify those that may respond to news of new features. We give you the tools—the possibilities for engagement are endless.

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