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Activate North America - Professional Development

Activate North America: Professional Development Sneak Peek

Activate Summit North America is quickly approaching. We’re just over two weeks away—hard to believe. From September 7-9, Activate Summit North America will take place in San Francisco.

To give you an idea of what to expect, we’re providing a sneak peek at some of the sessions (can’t spill all the secrets! Come see them in person.) each track will include.

This year, we’ve added an additional track that focuses on professional development. Not only will you hear from marketing wizards and gather takeaways in the strategy and execution tracks, but now you can also work on improving your skills with the help of experts and coaches by attending sessions in the professional development track.

Not registered yet? There’s still time. Register now to join us in San Francisco at Activate Summit North America.

The Professional Development Track: Digging Into Development

The sessions in the professional development track cover more of the soft skills marketers need to be successful. We’ve named this track “Digging Into Development ” because these sessions are deep dives into marketing-specific skills. Professionals from a variety of industries and brands will walk attendees through exercises and activities that not only improve skills, but build networks as well. In our Dreamers, Builders, and Makers framework, this strategy track aligns best with the Makers. Those looking for a hands-on approach should attend these sessions.

Women Language + Power and Standard Communication

Susannah Baldwin, PhD, is a leadership and communications coach. In this session, geared towards women, Susannah will discuss issues of gender, power, and the extraordinary role language plays in inhibiting or unleashing women’s potential to be effective and powerful in the business world. This session focuses on how women can make new language choices that connect them to their power, themselves, and their goals.

Great if you’re interested in: understanding how communication can impact success.

Creativity Under Stress: 3 Ways to Unlock Ingenuity

Solunis Nicole Bay, Somatic Coach, will walk you through ways to not only survive, but how to thrive in times of high stress. Neuroscience studies have shown that somatic practices unlock our ability to be creative and resilient even in high-stress environments. During this interactive session, you will learn how to meet your goals in high-pressure moments, find new solutions to old problems, and have ease with your team during periods of upheaval and change.

Great if you’re interested in: learning ways to motivate and innovate during periods of change or high stress.

Leveraging Zero-Party and First-Party Data to Get Results

Mike Nelson, Co-Founder of ReallyGoodEmails, this session will explore how brands can use data with the impending depreciation of third-party cookies. Data can vastly improve the quality and relevance of customer communications when it is used correctly, but too much information can make implementation cumbersome. Birthdays? Transactions? Search history? What kind of data should you capture and use? Mike will help narrow down when to use data and what kind of data matters.

Great if you’re interested in: using zero- and first-party data to create individualized customer experiences.

10+ Roundtables

You thought that was all? Of course not. Throughout the entire day at Activate we’ll have more than ten opportunities for attendees to connect with peers and chat about specific issues or themes at roundtables. We’ll have some discussion questions to get you started, but we want these roundtables to be spaces for open communication, networking, and problem solving. Let’s take a look at some of the roundtables we’ll have available.

Travel & Hospitality Roundtable

There’s no better time to connect with colleagues in the travel and hospitality space to learn what challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve pivoted to overcome hurdles. Maybe you have a success story you think others would find helpful. If that’s the case, come join this roundtable session!

Great if you’re interested in: hearing how others in the travel and hospitality industry are succeeding in a post-pandemic world.

In-App & Push Notification Deep Dive Roundtable

These channels tie directly to your mobile app but are part of a larger cross-channel strategy. Talk with peers about the challenges and successes your team has faced with implementing these channels and the different types of messages that resonate with audiences. You’ll take away next steps, new tests to try, and innovative ideas for using in-app messaging and push notifications.

Great if you’re interested in: mobile marketing and cross-channel marketing strategies.

Product Meet & Greet Roundtable

Join Iterable Product Managers for an open dialogue on “What’s Next” for Iterable. Whether you’re a power-user, just getting started or considering Iterable, here’s your chance to connect with our product team and ask questions in this free form setting. We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas.

Great if you’re interested in: learning more about the Iterable platform and how it can help solve your marketing problems.

There’s So Much More

Like we said before, this is just a sneak peek at all of the content in the professional development track and roundtables. We have even more sessions in this track, plus additional roundtables. Stay tuned to learn more about Activate North America!

And, of course, if you’re not registered yet, what are you waiting for?! Be sure to register today to make sure you don’t miss out on this world-class marketing content.

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