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activate north america strategy track

Activate North America: Strategy Track Sneak Peek

Activate is coming home! From September 7-9 Activate Summit North America will convene in San Francisco. Our marquee event is back in our hometown after a few years bringing together marketing professionals from near and far to share experiences, ask questions, and re-ignite that marketing spark. We’re thrilled that this year we can offer not one, not two, but three session tracks, chock full of actionable takeaways. These tracks are the strategy track, the execution track, and the professional development track.

To give you an idea of what to expect, we’re providing a sneak peek at some of the sessions (can’t spill all the secrets! Come see them in person.) each track will include. To start, however, we’re going to take a look at our strategy track: Gaining Marketing Momentum.

The Strategy Track: Gaining Marketing Momentum

The sessions in the strategy track cover big-picture ideas. We’ve named this track “Gaining Marketing Momentum” because these overarching concepts can get the snowball rolling and lead to impressive results. Marketers from a variety of industries and brands will share their ideas, concepts, and thought leadership. In our Dreamers, Builders, and Makers framework, this strategy track aligns best with the dreamers. Future-thinking, innovative marketers will want to attend these sessions.

Find Your Target: Reaching Different Personality Types Without Flooding Your Marketing Channels

This track includes a session from Tim Hemingway, SVP of Commerce at Havas Media. Tim’s presentation will focus on the human side of marketing and the fact that often, how we like to be communicated with isn’t always the same as what our customers prefer. Tim will break down various marketing channels and tools, and how they can be used to appeal to different personality types. You’ll learn how to break out of your comfort zone and communicate with your customers in the ways they prefer.

Great if you’re interested in: understanding your audience and meeting their needs.

Building Long Term Value to Keep Customers Engaged

Sterling Bailey, Sr. Director of Marketing Infrastructure at Evernote, will take the Activate Stage to talk about how long-term value is essential to reducing churn. Sterling will share Evernote’s evolution from “batch-and-blast” beginnings, to looking deeper into customer habit journeys and adapting new features to help users stay on track with their goals. You’ll discover ways to understand your users at a deeper level, and how to adapt your strategies to match exactly what your customers are looking for.

Great if you’re interested in: customer engagement for long-term retention.

Test 1, 2, 3: Creating an A/B Testing Framework

Alex Orton, Sr. Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Tally, will cover the dos and don’ts of developing an A/B test testing framework. It’s hard to evaluate something that’s subjective if you don’t have a framework in place. Join this session to uncover how to use Iterable to create an effective A/B testing framework to clarify, guide, and power up your experiments.

Great if you’re interested in: getting started with and enhancing A/B testing strategies.

Beyond the Buzzword: Why it’s Time to Ignore “Best Practices”

Allie Donovan, Head of Retention of Lifecycle Marketing at Quince, will talk about “best practices.” Allie will discuss why it’s time to throw out historical best practices, and look instead at individual demographics, behaviors, and testing strategies to maximize email engagement and revenue. You’ll learn how to think differently and develop strategies for testing against best practices and you’ll leave with fresh campaign ideas.

Great if you’re interested in: fine tuning your campaigns to your specific business case.

Opening Keynote

Aside from the sessions in the tracks, we also have keynotes on both Thursday and Friday. The opening keynote on Thursday will be delivered by Iterable execs, including our CEO and Co-Founder, Andrew Boni. Andrew will talk about the state of marketing today, how customer expectations are changing, and how these expectations are impacting the mindset marketers need to adopt to succeed in the future.

Great if you’re interested in: a bird’s-eye view of marketing today and what it will look like going forward.

That’s Not All

Like we said earlier, that’s just a sneak peek at all of the content in the strategy track. We have more sessions in this track, plus two additional tracks, AND keynotes from some special guests. Stay tuned to learn more about the sessions we have in store!

And, of course, if you’re not registered yet, what are you waiting for?! Be sure to register for Activate North America today to make sure you don’t miss out on this world-class marketing content.

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