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Introducing Iterable’s Marketing Masters, Class of 2024

The Marketing Masters program launched in 2019 with around 20 members. Initially called the “Iterable MVP Program,” our aim was to foster a vibrant community of marketers and Iterable power users who could support each other in overcoming challenges and collaborate with our product team to shape the product roadmap. 

Since then, the program has evolved into a group of over 75 global members— including marketing professionals from leading companies like Vera Bradley, Vista, Dotdash Meredith, Wolt, and more—who continuously help each other become better marketers and contribute to the development of a better product. We are deeply grateful to these individuals for their commitment, which has been instrumental in making this program successful.

Every year, we welcome a new class of Marketing Masters, and today, we’re excited to introduce you to the class of 2024.

Meet the Marketing Masters

What unites these amazing Marketing Masters? They’ve dedicated significant time and effort to honing their craft. Marketers wear many hats—handling strategy, messaging, design, promotion, reporting, analytics and more. They’re the voice of their brands, delivering joyful experiences to their customers and, of course, they love Iterable!

Most of the time, a marketer’s work is done behind the scenes, making them the unsung heroes of their organizations. Through the Marketing Masters program, we are excited to highlight their accomplishments and showcase their most successful campaigns.

Explore the full lineup and get to know these incredible marketers. You’ll learn about their career journeys, receive their advice for new Iterable users, discover the marketing tools they can’t live without, and much more. For now, here’s a sneak preview at some of the class of 2024.

A Look at the Class of 2024

Aaron Hanson, Senior Email Marketing Manager at ClickUp

With over 5 years of experience in email marketing, Aaron focuses on developing campaigns that capture attention and encourage engagement. He loves building creative ways to deliver emails that matter, whether it’s by using APIs to trigger emails based on weather conditions or employing AI to scale content generation.

According to Aaron, “Iterable’s flexibility in handling complex data structures has been a game-changer for my team. The ability to send data in objects and arrays and then leverage that data for segmentation, personalization, and journey branching has opened up a world of possibilities.”

Read Aaron’s full profile.

Narmin Fraint, Marketing Operations Associate at Powtoon

Narmin seamlessly blends neuroscience expertise with marketing skills. With two years in groundbreaking research on human multi-sensory interactions, Narmin transitioned to email marketing as a Business Development Representative. Now, as Marketing Operations at Powtoon, Narmin leverages her unique background to craft strategies that deeply resonate with audience behavior.

As Narmin says, “Managing email campaigns with Iterable is like having your own superhero sidekick. It’s so easy-peasy that I can set up a campaign, hit a schedule, and then snooze off like a baby, knowing everything’s under control. And when the next day comes, I wake up to see those open rates and clicks soaring high, not just in my wildest dreams, but for real!.”

Read Narmin’s full profile.

Lauren Gonzalez, Senior Manager CRM & Retention at Thirty Madison

Lauren is an energetic and innovative marketer with 8+ years of marketing expertise from large multi-billion dollar corporations to start-ups with both in-house and agency experience spanning a multitude of business verticals. As a Senior Manager of CRM & Retention at Thirty Madison, she helps lead the Keeps business through retention, expansion (restoration and new product launches), promotional strategies and cross-channel communication efforts.

“The team at Iterable really values feedback and launches or revises features on the platform from recommendations brands provide which is rare and helps brands like ours innovate and alleviate issues,” said Lauren.

Read Lauren’s full profile.

What are the Benefits of the Marketing Masters Program?

Build Your Personal Brand

We recognize our Marketing Masters for their hard work, elevating their personal brands by engaging them in speaking opportunities at conferences, webinars, user groups, and Activate. Their work is the focus of our “Ask A Marketer About” webinar series. Check out episodes from Vahe, Emily, Naomi, and more.

Create Networking Opportunities

These marketers gain exclusive access to network with their peers through virtual meetups, in-person user groups, and a dedicated Slack channel where they discuss best practices and overcome day-to-day challenges.

Partner With Our Product Team

As power users of Iterable, we recognize the value our Marketing Masters bring to the table. Therefore, Marketing Masters have direct access to our product leaders and influence the direction of our product roadmap.

Professional Development

We are committed to our members’ professional growth. Each program member gets access to a Reforge membership, where they can take courses together designed to help them advance in their careers and make an even greater impact on their companies.

Interested in Joining the Ranks?

We’re always expanding our group of Marketing Masters. If you’d like to be considered for the Marketing Masters class of 2025, keep an eye out at the end of the year for the application period. (Don’t worry, there will be a lot of reminders!)

Not an Iterable customer yet? Schedule a demo and, in the meantime, stay up-to-date on the latest Iterable news, campaigns, and content by following us on social media. You’ll find us on LinkedIn, XFacebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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