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Celebrating a Stellar Year of Growth, Community, and AI Innovation

Bolstered by groundbreaking AI releases, global growth, and a continuously expanding customer base, this was a transformative year for Iterable. It was one for the books! In addition to eclipsing $200M in annual recurring revenue, we set the industry pace for innovation. We didn’t just ride the AI wave; we were the ones powering and shaping it within our space. Most importantly, we never stopped pushing the envelope of what was possible, exploring new avenues to empower our customers, and ultimately changing the way brands communicate with all of us.

I’m incredibly proud of our team, and the entire Iterable community, for working together to drive the ongoing momentum and impact of Iterable.

A photo of is the entire entire in-person team after our company-wide awards night.

The Iterable team at our in-person company kickoff earlier this month: Unite FY25.

Join me in exploring some of our banner year highlights:

Surpassing $200 Million in Annual Recurring Revenue

Over our nearly 11 years as a business, Iterable has established itself as the leading platform of choice for today’s biggest global brands. While industry recognition is certainly rewarding, our greatest source of pride comes from exceptional customer feedback about our team. Time and again, our customers highlight the dedication, passion, and tenacity of our people as one of our greatest values and differentiators:

 “Iterable has a top-notch customer support system; they truly feel like an extension of our internal team. They go above and beyond to make sure our problems are solved and that our needs and wishes are met. We feel like our opinions can truly make an impact on the roadmap of the product. They help finesse our customer journeys and even give us new ideas and ways to optimize, too.” 

– Iterable Customer, Redfin, in G2

Iterable isn’t only the platform of choice for today’s biggest brands, we’re the partner of choice. Our shared commitment to customer-centricity has been instrumental in driving our success. Surpassing the $200 million ARR milestone is a testament to the extraordinary individuals who define the Iterable community.

Only a tiny fraction of companies ever cross this revenue milestone. It’s extremely rare, and it’s a sign that we’re doing something special. This achievement not only underscores the ever-growing importance of customer connections but also reflects the crucial role Iterable plays in addressing the expanding needs of the market. It highlights the rising relevance of keeping customers engaged and the growing value of customer loyalty!

Leading the Charge in AI Innovation

A recent Iterable survey of marketers from Wakefield Research reveals that a staggering 91% of marketers currently use AI technology in their daily work. But despite widespread adoption, the data also reveals that marketers haven’t yet unlocked its full potential.

AI isn’t just about automation, it’s about elevation, and it offers the opportunity to liberate marketers from time-consuming tasks, enabling them to redirect their efforts toward creativity and crafting unique experiences that evoke joy and connection for their customers.

At Iterable, we are committed to empowering marketers with the tools they need to deliver individualized, harmonized, and dynamic experiences for their customers with ease. We released 37 new platform capabilities, including cutting-edge AI-powered innovations, in the last fiscal year alone.

A few AI-powered features introduced last year include:

  • Channel Optimization, which uses historical data to help marketers determine and send messages on the channels users prefer based on their likelihood to engage with the message
  • Copy Assist, which allows marketers to generate alternative content and messages quickly and easily, saving them time, enhancing creativity, and creating new opportunities for valuable customer engagement
  • Next Best Action, which enables marketers to retarget unengaged users swiftly and effectively through AI-driven audience recommendations and pre-populated copy suggestions, streamlining the campaign creation process
  • AI-Driven Experiments, which includes AI-assisted variant ideation, minimizing the time and effort it takes to configure and conduct experiments at scale to drive optimal results faster
  • Frequency Optimization, which taps into Iterable’s powerful AI capabilities to determine what frequency is right for each individual within a set range.
Grid of photos from Iterable's Activate Summit 2023

At Activate Summit 2023, the Iterable Product team announced our latest AI innovations and releases.

Iterable’s customers, like John Geiser, Senior Manager of CRM, Lifecycle, and Mobile at Redbubble, not only share in the excitement and value of AI advancements but also witness firsthand the transformative impact of Iterable AI in their daily work.

“I’ve experienced firsthand how Iterable AI has revolutionized the way I work on a daily basis, but the most exciting benefit of AI is that it gives us more time to daydream. When we can take a lot of that busy work away and let our minds wander, that’s when we come up with our best ideas. Creativity, fueled by these moments of mental freedom, enables us to cultivate richer human connections and explore collaborative opportunities with AI, amplifying our creative potential.”

– John Geiser, Senior Manager of CRM, Lifecycle, and Mobile at Redbubble

Read about Iterable’s 2023 Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter product releases.

Ongoing EU Expansion

Iterable took our first step in going global back in 2019 when we opened our first international office in London. It’s amazing to see how our team and customer community has grown and continued to expand since. Last year, we opened our European Data Center, ensuring EU-based and multinational brands can confidently build customer trust through enhanced performance, compliance, and data security.

And I’m excited to share that we are establishing a new office in Portugal! This expansion will open doors to new global talent and allow our team to further support and engage with our customer community in the EU.

Grid of photos from Iterable's Activate London event.

Last year, our team took Activate on tour to eight cities around the world, including: Berlin, London (shown here), Amsterdam, and Sydney.

We’re extending our reach and enhancing our capabilities in the region. This year, in addition to Global SMS, Iterable introduced a range of other innovative international features—including Flexible Default Locales and AI-Powered Frequency Management—that empower our customer brands to expand their global reach.

Discover how our EU-based customers like Wolt, Secret Escapes, and Zoopla leverage Iterable to foster and establish meaningful connections with their customers in different regions around the world.

Expanding Our Enterprise Customer Community

We continued to expand our customer base, and grew to over 1,200 customers globally in 2023! In addition, we saw a remarkable 32% increase in platform users last year, reflecting marketers’ growing reliance on Iterable to effectively engage their audiences as well as the success of Iterable’s focus on building a platform designed for marketers.

“To date the project I am most proud of is our migration to Iterable…the speed and success of this program was due in large part to the highest quality teamwork, work ethic, organization and leadership from everyone involved.”

– Madison McKone, Associate Director of Growth Marketing Platforms at Dotdash Meredith

Grid of photos from Activate and Activate Tour.

Caption: Marketers from customers all over the world joined us at Activate Summit and Activate Tour.

Scaling With Our Customers

Iterable stands out as a driving force of innovation in the marketing automation space. Marketers from innovative brands like Redfin, Box, Airtable, and GitLab leverage Iterable to deliver more than 200 billion cross-channel messages and execute over 2.65 million campaigns annually. The extensive scale at which we operate isn’t by chance—our platform was designed over 11 years ago with unprecedented flexibility, allowing us to seamlessly grow alongside our customers.

Customers like Steve Mastrocola, Senior Director of CRM at SeatGeek, the high-growth technology platform transforming the live event experience for fans, teams, and venues. Steve highlights SeatGeek’s confidence in foreseeing and adapting to changes with Iterable as their partner, ensuring ongoing meaningful customer connections.

“SeatGeek has been a loyal Iterable customer since 2016. Working with Iterable, we’ve successfully expanded our reach across multiple channels, driving impressive results in the process. Staying attuned to evolving customer trends and demands is paramount for SeatGeek’s success. Through cross-channel marketing and AI capabilities, the Iterable team ensures we stay ahead of the curve in this dynamic industry. We’re confident that with Iterable as our partner, we can anticipate and adapt to these changes, ensuring we continue to connect with our customers in meaningful ways, now and into the future.”

– Steve Mastrocola, Senior Director of CRM at SeatGeek

A Bright Future Ahead

After three days filled with collaboration, connection, and strategic planning at our company fiscal year kickoff event, Unite, I wrapped up our time together with this quote:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Working together, I have no doubt that we’ll go fast and far as a company. We’ll keep pushing the boundaries, not just in innovation and customer success, but in everything we put our minds to as a company.

This is just the beginning of an incredible journey, and I’m beyond excited to keep growing alongside this exceptional team and community! Let’s keep the momentum going. Our brightest years are ahead.

Photo outside the NASDAQ Tower which is displaying the Iterable logo and "$200m ARR."

Employees from our New York office celebrate the $200M ARR milestone at NASDAQ Tower.

To learn more about Iterable’s new product releases and capabilities, check out what’s new. Join the Iterable team at Activate Summit happening in San Jose from April 30 – May 2, 2024!

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