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How Iterable + Meta Custom Audiences Can Attract New Users

Creating an engaging customer experience all starts with ensuring you’re connecting with the right audience. If you’re not reaching the right people, your messaging could go to waste. But, understanding your audience isn’t something that happens overnight. Through zero- and first-party data collection, A/B testing, and a slew of other marketing tactics, you can learn about your customers and better understand how and where your audience interacts with your brand.

Once you have your audience established, how do you cast a wider net and capture new users who fit into that category? This is where Custom Audiences can help.

What are Custom Audiences?

Custom Audiences are an ad targeting product that helps you find your existing audiences among users on Meta technologies.To create your Custom Audiences, you can use sources like customer lists, website or app traffic, or engagement on Facebook, building lists of people who already know your business.

When you’re ready to expand beyond existing audiences, you can use your Custom Audience to create a lookalike audience to reach new and potential customers. Lookalike audiences are lists of people to target with advertising who are similar to the people currently engaging with your business.

Let’s rewind, though. Where do you get your customer lists? How do you know which audiences are engaging? That’s where Iterable can help.

How Iterable and Meta Custom Audiences Work Together

Iterable provides a centralized hub for all of your customer data, providing an understanding of each user on an individual level—including how and where they engage and interact with your brand. With this understanding, you can then create a cross-channel experience that delivers the right messaging at the right time. Think of Meta as another channel to add to your marketing arsenal.

Through the Custom Audiences and Iterable integration, you can unite your entire marketing funnel by leveraging insights from your engagement campaigns to use in your retargeting and new user acquisition efforts.

Syncing User Lists

In Iterable you know which users are driving value for your business. You can then leverage these users as the blueprint for finding new, similar users on Facebook to continue accelerating your growth. As a more static option, you can build a list in Iterable and export it to Custom Audiences to incorporate these audiences into your Ads account. Then, you can retarget current customers or build lookalike audiences of your most valuable users.

Reaching Audiences in Real-Time

Using the power of Iterable’s real-time journeys—built in Studio—you can add Meta Custom Audiences as a node within your journey and, as users engage with certain parts in your Iterable journey, they’ll get sent to Meta Custom Audiences. This ensures retargeting ads are sent to your audience when they’re most relevant, to help drive conversions. So, you can retarget individual users with timely ads, specific to where they are within their journey.

Saving Time and Money

Nobody wants to waste their time. If you have disengaged audiences in Iterable, you can use that information to avoid retargeting this audience. By creating suppression lists and importing that data into Custom Audiences, you can maximize your efficiency and ensure you’re strategic with your ad budget. No need to send ads to users who recently converted or aren’t ready to convert.

All About Efficiency

The Iterable platform is designed to improve efficiency and automate processes to free up your marketing team and allow them to think about the bigger picture. With the Iterable and Meta Custom Audiences integration, your team can easily export valuable audience information to reach similar, new audiences on Facebook. We’re all about working smarter, not harder.

Check out our integration documentation to learn more about the Iterable + Meta Custom Audiences integration. And, if you’re not an Iterable customer yet, schedule a demo today.

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