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Activate Virtual

Iterable Kicks Off Activate Virtual

Today, we kicked off our global customer engagement conference series with Activate Virtual, bringing together the world’s most innovative marketers, product leaders, and data experts together to discuss the latest practices in building authentic customer connections in the digital economy to drive growth.

Our day began with keynote addresses from our CMO, Adri Gil Miner, who unveiled the exciting product and partnership updates in the first seasonal release of the year. She was followed by Guy Raz, acclaimed radio personality and host of NPR’s “How I Built This” podcast, who explained how marketers can take brands from good to great.

“A moment can make or break a consumer’s relationship with your brand. And now, with the complexities of today’s world— compliance regulations, changing customer behaviors, and digital acceleration—it’s becoming harder and harder for marketers to get these moments right and drive consumers to, not away from, your brand,” shared Adri.

“At Activate Virtual, marketers are encouraged to challenge the status quo of customer connection, and go beyond customer expectations to build joyful experiences that deeply engage customers. Attendees will end the day inspired, and ready to build moments that matter to their customers.”

Methods for Motivating Marketers

Activate is designed to motivate marketers to go beyond the message, the channel, and the moment and focus on creating joyful experiences. An exciting combination of industry leaders, career storytellers, and luminaries will take the stage throughout the day to dig-into the details—technology, data, design, and creativity—of customer connection, including:

  • Matthew Luhn, former storyteller at Pixar, who will teach marketers how to use the power of storytelling to drive emotional connection
  • Stephanie Richardson, VP of Product Marketing at Airtable, who will highlight why creating dynamic, personalized customer lifecycles are critical to a brand’s long term success
  • Elliot Ross, Technology Evangelist for SparkPost and CEO and Co-Founder of Taxi for Email, who will discuss two priorities for the modern marketer: inclusivity and accessibility
  • Alyssa Aquino, Senior Retention Marketing Associate at MeUndies, who will challenge marketers to push the boundaries of “traditional” SMS marketing

Throughout the day, attendees will also have the opportunity to connect with representatives from SparkPost, Friendbuy, Radar, and Ragnarok—partners of Iterable and sponsors at the event—and learn from the successes of brands in Iterable’s customer community, like Zoopla, Calm, and Imperfect Foods, who are setting a new standard of customer experience for modern brands. 

If you’re familiar with us, you’re familiar with our commitment to culture and corporate social responsibility. We’re committed to leveraging our platform—and partnering with our community—for  good. We’ve has partnered with their customer Toucan, a UK-based app that streamlines charitable giving, for “Activate for Ukraine,” a charitable campaign challenging Activate attendees to raise £50,000 over the course of 24 hours for three charities with boots on the ground in Ukraine. Help support our campaign: donate here.

Activate for Ukraine

We’ve partnered with Toucan to ensure we’re taking the opportunity to give back to those in need. If you can, donate to Activate for Ukraine.

Just the Beginning

Iterable will continue its Activate series by bringing the event in-person with Activate Summit in London on 25-26 May 2022 and San Francisco on September 7-9, 2022. Each Activate event is unique, with different speakers, sessions, and opportunities.

Register for Activate Summit in London and Activate Summit in San Francisco today!

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