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mobile app engagement platform of the year

Iterable Wins App Engagement Platform Award from App Growth Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that Iterable has won the 2021 App Growth Award for App Engagement Platform. Winners of the App Growth Awards were first announced at Hotel Adlon in Berlin, at an awards ceremony held during the first day of the App Promotion Summit.

Launched in 2017, The App Growth Awards, are the annual barometer for the global app growth and marketing ecosystem. The awards recognize the companies and individuals that are moving the app industry forward. Winners are celebrated for powering the app marketing, advertising, and monetization market forward through smart, bold, and innovative ideas.

The 2021 App Growth Awards received hundreds of submissions from countries around the world, which were reviewed by a panel of 17 independent judges. We’re proud to be recognized amongst the individuals, brands, and businesses—like AppLovin, Adjust, Phiture, and Reface—leading a more exciting future in app technology.

App Engagement Platform of The Year

The App Engagement Platform category focused on technology platforms and services that support mobile app engagement including push notifications, in-app messaging, marketing automation, and chatbots. Finalists in this category this year included Kumulos, Storyly, and Remerge.

We’re proud to be recognized for excellence in a category with such prominence and relevance. The app economy has skyrocketed in the past few years—accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic that forced consumers to work from home, shop online, virtually connect with friends, and stream more entertainment content, amid other behavioral shifts. With the app market expected to reach $6.3 trillion by the end of 2021, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

“Mobile devices are now being used for much more than just communicating with friends and family. When there’s something you need to Google, a service you need to reschedule, or an item you want to purchase, your smartphone is the first thing you reach for. Consumers are constantly attached to their phones, and brands want to be constantly attached to consumers, so it should come as no surprise that the app economy has seen such enormous growth,” shares Hannah Ogden, Senior Strategy Consultant at Iterable.

“It’s incumbent on marketers to ensure their brand’s app experience stands out in the fray.”

“Of course, now that consumers are faced with a multitude of options when it comes to apps, it’s incumbent on marketers to ensure their brand’s app experience stands out in the fray. Orchestrating a top notch-customer experience through personalized messaging and seamless cross-channel campaigns is a necessity.”

Mobile apps play a key part in creating the connected and intimate cross-channel experiences that consumers crave. As consumer demands continue to escalate, there’s no doubt that the mobile app economy will accelerate in tandem.

App Engagement at the App Promotion Summit

Of course, just because mobile phones are always in consumer pockets doesn’t mean brands have the right to be there. Marketers have to earn their consumer face-time. Earlier this month, Senior Director of Customer Success at Iterable, Eloise Shuttleworth, joined marketing leaders at App Promotion Summit Berlin to discuss the enormous impact that mobile app engagement can have on a brand’s bottom line, when done correctly.

app promotion summit berlin

Guiding the panel’s conversation were two priority questions: 1) Should businesses have a mobile app and, if so, 2) How can businesses develop a best in class mobile app? The group also discussed how mobile app engagement can lead to greater customer retention, the role that mobile app engagement plays in creating a unified customer experience, and how businesses can operationalize and integrate mobile app engagement into their larger mobile marketing strategy.

The Future of Mobile App Engagement

With mobile app engagement, marketers have more opportunities to contact and connect with customers. And with 83% of consumers preferring to shop with brands they have an emotional connection with, an opportunity to make contact can easily evolve into an opportunity to capitalize.

Mobile app engagement is having a moment and, with consumers leaning into mobile as a primary channel of communication, this “moment” will extend not only into the new year, but for years to come. Why put off the inevitable?

Looking to develop a great mobile app engagement strategy? Learn more about Iterable’s mobile marketing solutions.

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