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Jeff Samuels: So Glad to Be Here @ Iterable

As MediaPost reported today, I’m thrilled to share the news that I’ve joined Iterable as its Chief Operating Officer. Working with co-founders Justin and Andrew, as well as the rest of Iterable’s seasoned leadership team, I am excited to help scale this great company in order to solve our customers’ and the industry’s most significant growth challenges.

I am fortunate to have been part of powerful teams at great companies like Cisco, OpenDNS and Neustar. And “scale” has consistently been a top priority. When leading companies like these focus on scale, they typically make a distinction from growing fast (which is hard enough!) and forging sustainable growth. With scale, we need to focus on identifying the core foundations of a company’s goodness and then architect plans to see that each nugget of goodness reaches its full potential.

There is so much goodness here at Iterable. As we think of our future, I’m particularly excited to focus on three areas: our relationship with our customers,  the Iterable culture and our vision of innovation.

Perhaps most important in my decision to join Iterable is its focus on culture and growth. I wanted to find a team where I could contribute, learn and grow. Iterable’s four company values of trust, humility, balance and maintaining a growth mindset resonate with me deeply. The talent, drive and authenticity here is quite amazing.

At a company that has grown by more than 100 team members in a year, with plans for similar growth in 2019, it’s vital that Iterable scales what makes it special while maintaining its award-winning culture. This will be hard work, but it’s work that we are all excited to focus on. Among our cultural initiatives, we’re doubling down on diversity and inclusion, launching new professional development programs and investing in our workforce at every level.

Iterable’s mission is to connect people with products that bring them joy. I know first-hand as a long-time marketer that this a difficult task to accomplish. In a digitally native world where it’s challenging to break past the noise of 10,000 brand messages that consumers experience daily, Iterable’s clients are achieving the extraordinary—they’re unlocking their creativity to build holistic, seamless experiences for their millions of customers.

I am excited to be a part of this journey for our customers. In just a few weeks, I look forward to joining hundreds of our customers and the industry’s top thought leaders at our annual growth marketing conference, Activate, in San Francisco. Join me! Register here.

I also plan to drop by the Iterable blog to keep you updated on our progress, so stay tuned in the coming months!

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