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Pushing Our Platform: Q1 2020 Product Highlights

2020 is here, and we’re off and running! There has been a ton of work taking place behind the scenes at Iterable, and we couldn’t be more excited about everything in store for our customers this year.

Only three months in, and we’ve already produced impactful results—Custom Roles, Mobile Inbox and Google AMP support.

Your Voice, Our Actions

We’re constantly working with our customers to learn how they’re flexing our platform in different directions. As a growth-focused company, continually innovating and enriching our platform to better address our customers’ initiatives is a top priority. Learning from customer feedback and use cases ensures we’re prioritizing the right enhancements on our roadmap.

On that note, our three newest product features uniquely improve different areas of the marketing experience: Administration, Mobile, and Email.

In case you missed our previous announcements, we’ll walk you through each release and highlight how they affect you and your customers.

Improving The Marketing Administrative Experience

The first release we want to touch upon is Custom Roles. Because of Iterable’s unique flexibility, our customers have users spanning across entire organizations, all of whom work in incredibly different ways. That’s why we’ve designed Custom Roles to address organization-wide project integrity and more advanced compliance requirements.

Iterable admins now have advanced access management controls, allowing for more granular roles and user permissions. More simply, think guardrails: different roles are assigned unique levels of data and app functionality access.

Custom Roles platform update

Use Custom Roles to configure platform user settings for organizational scaling.

Now as you grow, you’ve got peace of mind knowing that your organization’s users are appropriately equipped with the resources they need to operate productively, collaboratively and—most importantly—safely.

Custom Roles is a powerful resource for marketers looking to bring new users into the fold and expand their go-to-market processes.

Improving The Consumer Mobile Experience

As a cross-channel marketing leader, Iterable has continued solidifying that reputation over the years with a strong mobile offering. Our ability to transform consumer data into deeply personalized mobile messaging via push, in-app and SMS is a huge advantage for our customers.

Recently, we unveiled Mobile Inbox, a new mobile channel combining personalized in-app messaging with email inbox-like intuitiveness. We built Mobile Inbox from the ground up, so naturally, we’ve baked a wealth of analytical insights into this channel.

Marketers using Mobile Inbox will love the behavior-specific granularity the channel offers: what messages users open, when they open them, how often they reopen them, what they keep and what they don’t, and much more!

Mobile Inbox platform update

Build a reimagined mobile messaging experience using Mobile Inbox.

In addition, marketers can easily leverage these interaction insights as part of their campaign generation logic. This data can be used as advanced audience filters inside workflows to better target individual customers with channel-specific messaging at just the right moment.

With Mobile Inbox, marketers have brand new mobile campaign experimentation capabilities. The channel adds versatility to your cross-channel messaging and shines as a medium for promotions, recommendations, reference guides and more.

Improving The Consumer Email Experience

Interactivity has long been a hot topic inside the email community. Now, Google’s recent momentum behind AMP for Email sparked mainstream intrigue around in-message possibilities.

This January, we launched platform support for AMP. This allows marketers to experiment with the power of AMP inside their own emails.

AMP for Email makes adding all sorts of interesting interactive elements into emails possible, like:

  • Flipping through carousels of promotional items
  • Managing content and subscription preferences
  • Viewing real-time dynamic information about shipments, flights, events, etc. that update every time the email is opened

For marketers looking to test the AMP for Email waters, they can use Iterable to create and send an email campaign as usual. We’ve made it easy to specify three types of content for your email right in our editor—plain text, HTML, AMP for Email HTML.

Once your message reaches your customers, users whose email provider and client or browser support AMP for Email will see the AMP email content. Other users will see the HTML or plain text content.

While AMP for Email is still in its early stages, we’ve got the resources you need to get started. In fact, one of our customers in the entertainment industry recently put together their first AMP for Email campaign where recipients can browse through and buy tickets for upcoming events in their local areas. Learn how in our on-demand webinar with Google product manager, Jon Harmer.

New(ish) Year, New Platform Experience

A marketer’s work is never done when it comes to fine-tuning customer experiences, and neither is Iterable’s. Here is a quick recap of our recent product highlights:

  • Custom Roles give administrators new control over marketing projects and processes.
  • Mobile Inbox adds additional depth to consumer mobile and in-app experiences.
  • AMP for Email reimagines email experiences entirely.

And now, we’re looking forward to learning about the ways these releases are enhancing your cross-channel campaigns. Be sure to stay tuned, because we’re just getting started rolling out all that’s to come this year.

Not yet on the Iterable bandwagon? Sign up for a custom demo to see how you can connect with your customers in entirely new ways.

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