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Iterable Industry Roundup Pt. 3: Health & Wellness

It’s time for a health and wellness roundup. We have so many excellent examples of how our customers use Iterable, we figured we’d compile some together—by industry. We’ve already put together a list of retail case studies and cross-channel case studies, so we’re continuing this series by compiling some health and wellness case studies to show how Iterable (and our partners) can help these brands make an impact with their customers.

1. Calm

Calm is the #1 app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation that offers guided meditations, sleep stories, soothing background music and more.

By coupling Iterable’s cross-channel customer journeys with Amplitude’s visualized product analytics, Calm gained a deeper understanding of customer behavior. For example, recognizing that user engagement is highest in the first hour of downloading the app, Calm began testing their new-member onboarding flow.

In their experiment, half of new members were funneled through the same onboarding touchpoints, but without the existing delays—instead of 27 days, the same eight emails went out in 15 days. With this shift, Calm quickly saw that users sent down the shortened path were engaging at a higher rate than those on the extended journey.

Investing in Amplitude and Iterable helped Calm build a martech stack that was fit to scale and keep pace with their rapid growth. It has enabled their team to be better informed about their users and continue to refine communications throughout the entire customer journey, ultimately bringing a little more Calm into people’s lives—one test, one conversion at a time.


  • 4x increase in revenue from new-member onboarding
  • 15 day onboarding, shortened from 27 days

Read the full case study.

2. RealSelf

RealSelf is a leading healthcare marketplace for people to get factual, unbiased information on cosmetic procedures. Their mission is to create a world where every investment in modern beauty is worth it. RealSelf aims to be the go-to advisor for medical and aesthetic procedures by making the experience easy, personal, and trusted.

Due to an unwieldy and ineffective in-house AI model that led to a decline in engagement and high opt-out rate, RealSelf was in need of a more reliable, automated solution that would leverage AI to deliver their messages at the most optimal frequency.

To resolve the challenges with their AI model, RealSelf turned to Iterable’s Brand Affinity, which uses AI to automatically calculate a loyalty score based on a user’s recent interactions across their marketing channels, and converts these into affinity labels tied to each user profile. For example, users labeled as loyal are those who are highly engaged with RealSelf and can be considered brand advocates.

Using these affinity labels, the RealSelf marketing team gains a unique advantage by intelligently translating user engagement data into deeper, more meaningful connections. This helps them maximize retention with loyal customers, nurture customers through lifecycle stages, and mitigate churn with at-risk detractors.


  • Within the first month of launching Brand Affinity, RealSelf has seen sessions and contacts increase by 30% and click-through rate has increased by 13%.
  • Comparing one month before versus one month after Brand Affinity, RealSelf has seen a +39% increase in website traffic and +44% increase in conversion.
  • With the help of Brand Affinity, RealSelf saves their data engineers about two hours each week when downloading their user engagement to their data warehouse.
  • Within one month, the team saw a 33% decrease in opt outs with their neutral Brand Affinity group.

Read the full case study.

3. The Body Coach

Founded by personal trainer Joe Wicks ten years ago, The Body Coach aims to get people moving and help them fall in love with fitness. As one of several mobile-based, subscription fitness apps available today, The Body Coach recognized it must move fast and use clever, personalized communications to attract and retain customers.

Easy Start, an activation feature launched in September 2022, helps new Body Coach subscribers—and especially fitness beginners—start their first workout. Having observed a common, but unfavorable behavior with beginners, the product team wanted to address it. Their plan was to soften the onboarding ramp with Easy Start and make it less intimidating for someone going from no-to-low activity to several weekly hiit workouts.

A cross-discipline team including product, design and product marketing implemented the Easy Start in-app feature and used Iterable Studio to develop the complementary communication series—in-app, push notifications, and email messages—with a goal to reduce the % of beginners who are inactive during their first 30 days using the app. After launching the Easy Start campaign and communication series in Q3 2022, Body Coach reduced the number of inactive beginners by 10% in one quarter.


  • A 10% reduction in the total number of inactive Body Coach beginners, within one business quarter.
  • 60% of users who interact with personal voice messages from Joe, delivered through push notifications, complete a workout in three days.
  • Improved customer engagement that increases the likelihood of 30-day retention and member renewal.
  • More consistent, cross-channel branding from an improved digital ecosystem of Iterable’s marketing automation platform, the CMS, and social media. This strengthens members’ journeys and their overall emotional connection to the brand and Joe as the face of The Body Coach.
  • Automated, nimble communications create operational efficiencies and support both reactive and proactive customer engagement to match the brand’s quick, effective, personal social strategy.

Read the full case study.

4. Curology

With over $17 million in funding and a business that has grown by over 500% in the past year, Curology is on a mission to provide personalized prescription skincare for acne and anti-aging directly to tens of thousands of subscribers.

In the past, the growth marketing team at Curology used two separate platforms to manage email and SMS campaigns. Data silos hindered the company’s ability to build robust subscriber profiles and deliver personalized messages in real time. Now, by partnering with Iterable, Curology has eliminated its data silos and increased its treatment plan compliance by 14% by incentivizing its customers with highly relevant messages.

Using Iterable’s visual, drag-and-drop Studio, Curology can now identify which members aren’t engaging via SMS, and reach these individuals with targeted email follow-ups, tracking email and site metrics to ensure that they’re achieving relevance across all marketing channels.


  • With Iterable’s true cross-channel capabilities, Curology has improved customer engagement by 26% and increased revenue by 10%.
  • Curology uses Iterable to increase treatment plan compliance by 14% by sending dynamic, personalized messages across SMS and email.
  • Patients younger than 30 are 10% more likely to opt-in to the SMS challenge—Iterable’s dynamic data segmentation allows Curology to quickly act on customer behavior.

Read the full case study.

5. Madison Reed

With Madison Reed’s online subscription service, consumers can achieve salon-quality hair coloring at home—conveniently, confidently, and economically. In addition to aggressively growing its online business, this relatively young company is opening physical locations called Color Bars to give customers the option of obtaining hair-coloring products and services in person.

Marketers and engineers alike were excited about Madison Reed’s move to Iterable. Iterable’s flexible data model, modern APIs, and universal webhooks saved engineering time by simplifying integrations with other platforms. For example, Madison Reed leverages integrations with Segment, for customer data, and Lob, for direct mail.

Because of Iterable’s straightforward, intuitive interface, marketers were able to quickly leverage these integrations. Today, Segment events trigger campaigns based on customer purchases and other behaviors. Delivery of a customer’s first order, for example, triggers a series of messages containing how-to videos and custom tutorials to set customers up for success, thereby increasing the likelihood of subsequent orders.


  • The upgrade-to- subscription conversion rate for Iterable campaigns is 45% higher than that of a control group.
  • Multivariate Testing and Performance Optimization showed that the addition of direct mail to the reactivation journey drove an incremental 3% lift in upgrades.
  • Easy integration with other marketing platforms saves hours of engineering time and powers sophisticated campaign journeys.
  • Automated campaigns triggered by individualized customer behavior are increasing reorders, expanding the customer base, and increasing revenue.

Read the full case study.

Maintaining Healthy Relationships

We’ve managed to collect a few health and wellness examples from our customer story repository, but there’s plenty more where that came from. Overall, some themes have emerged from even just these examples alone. Iterable helps health and wellness brands experiment, consolidate tech stacks, automate campaigns, and increase customer engagement. That’s just one industry, too. Iterable has helped a wide array of other industries that we’ll continue to roundup as part of this series—so stay tuned.

To learn how Iterable can help your retail brand save time and money, schedule a demo today.

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