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Iterable Celebrates its 4th Birthday!

Each year, celebrating our company’s founding becomes more exciting because we have so many new faces to share that excitement with: new team members, customers, partners, investors and supporters across the marketing and technology industries.

It’s with great exuberance that I thank everyone in the Iterable family and rejoice in our fourth birthday. In just the past year, we have received over $30 million in Series A and Series B funding from investors, including Index Ventures and CRV.

Our engineering and customer success teams have strengthened the Iterable platform, adding dozens of product features in 2016, from small improvements like campaign labels to new marketing channels like MMS and in-app notifications.

We’ve continued to expand our reach serving B2C companies in e-commerce and subscription services, but we’re also seeing a rising interest among organizations in media, financial services and more.

Our company vision is about inspiring growth — after all, growth marketing accelerates the growth of an entire business. Similarly, Iterable grows as our clients do, and we consider ourselves fortunate to be contributing to the success of Yelp, Zillow and other amazing customers.

Together, we serve hundreds of millions of users around the world and are scaling exponentially year after year. To give you a sense of that scale and how far Iterable has come in four years, here’s a brief infographic of our milestones.

We anticipate 2017 becoming another groundbreaking year and look forward to achieving even more success in the future. We’re hiring across the board in sales, marketing and engineering, so check out our open positions if you’d like to join our awesome team!

To many more birthdays,


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