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About Wolt

Wolt is a technology company that makes it incredibly easy to discover and get the best restaurants, grocery stores and other local shops delivered to your home or office. Wolt works together with over 45,000 restaurant and retail partners as well as with over 90,000 courier partners across 23 countries and more than 180 cities.

Adrian's Bio

Adrian has been working within CRM for over a decade, focusing on marketing automation at various e-commerce companies and startups. He moved to Wolt in March 2020 to head up and overhaul their marketing automation.

Fun Facts

I moved my family to Finland after only ever visiting for a long weekend.
My family used to own a circus (I was not one of the acts).
Before deciding to go to University, I was heading to catering college.


What do you love about your role?

It’s really diverse, we are a small team working in a high growth company. This means no day is typical, there is always a new challenge and it’s on us to come up with strategies to help reach these goals. Plus, I get to work with people in over 20 countries


What frustrates you about marketing?

When you tell people you want to send to less, the instant reaction is, “we will get less clicks.” But we all know that’s not true, right?


What’s a mistake you’ve made at work, and how did you deal with it?

I can’t think of one mistake that sticks out, I have obviously had the little ones like wrong subject lines and targeting mistakes. The way I have always handled these is taking ownership of this and working on the immediate resolution then introducing processes to stop these mistakes from happening again.


If you weren’t a marketer, what would you be?

I was accepted to multiple catering colleges before going to university so I would think I might have ended up as a Chef at some point.