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About G2

G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace. More than 60 million people annually – including employees at all of the FORTUNE 500 – use G2 to make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews. Thousands of software and services companies of all sizes partner with G2 to build their reputation, manage their software spend, and grow their business –  including Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoom, and Adobe.

Carolyn's Bio

Carolyn is currently managing a lifecycle marketing team at G2. She’s spent the last decade in content and email marketing with B2B and B2C companies. A perpetual student, Carolyn loves to challenge herself (and her team!) to try new things, share knowledge, and learn from those around her. She’s got some copywriting skills in stealth mode, an appetite for brainstorming, and a curiosity about how things work. Loves documentation, organization, process, and deploying creativity in problem-solving.

Fun Facts

I still remember all of my grade school classmates’ birthdays.
I saw Prince perform live three times.
I attended the Chicago Cubs’ first World Series nighttime home game in 2016.


When and how did you get your start in marketing?

I cut my teeth editing daily deal copy in Groupon’s editorial department pre-IPO. Halfway through my tenure there, I transferred to the affiliate marketing team, where I managed the vertical’s email program end-to-end.


What brings you joy in your role?

I advocate for updated and thorough documentation regularly, maybe to a fault. But it’s an amazing feeling other teams know exactly what to expect from you and where to find it.


How did COVID-19 change the way you work, what did you learn? How did you adapt?

I wasn’t working from home too often before the pandemic started, so once it became clear that we’d be remote for an extended period, I invested in a new routine that ultimately brought a lot more balance to my life. Cutting ~60-90 minutes of commuting out of each day has been liberating. I think it’s also forced a lot of people to be more intentional in their communication, which I appreciate.


What is one piece of advice that you would give to a new Iterable user? 

Ask for help if you need it! Iterable’s support team is stellar, and they’ve been very patient with me.


Besides Iterable, what are the other tools in your marketing toolkit that you can’t live without? 

My team! I cannot imagine doing this work without the incredible colleagues and leaders I work with daily; there’s no software on Earth that can replace a creative, well-calibrated, and determined team. I feel incredibly lucky to work with these folks.


What are some brands that you admire for their standout marketing?

I really love the way that East Fork incorporates their values in every little thing they do. I don’t think they have a huge marketing budget, but each email is so thoughtfully put together that I cannot help but open them every time. I’d love to see the open and click rates!


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Measure twice, cut once.


What’s one thing that can instantly make your day better?

Interacting with a puppy.